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Avial With Step By Step Photos

Avial or Kerala vegetarian avial is an essential item of Kerala sadya (the Keralite vegetarian feast), very common in Tamil Nadu also which is a semi-thick mixture of vegetables and coconut and is seasoned with coconut oil.  It is supposed to have been invented by Bhima (one of the Pandava brothers) during their exile. Avial contains almost all types of vegetables.  This dish  usually made in our kitchen with leftover vegetables. Avial is one of our all time favourite dishes.  There are different varieties of avial like chakka (jack fruit) avial, cashew avial and somehow there is mutta (egg) avial also. The popular one is  vegetable avial.

Any vegetable can be used to make avial. But remember one thing, different vegetables have different cooking points, so add  according to the time of cooking. For example, if you are using yam, it takes more time to cook compared to other vegetables like carrots and beans. So first cook yam, add other vegetables only when the yam is half done. 


Carrot                                                                   1 number
Drumstick                                                             1 number
Long beans                                                            6 numbers
French beans                                                        3 numbers
Raw banana                                                         1/2 number
Potato                                                                  1 number
Curry leaves                                                         4 to 5 springs

To grind

Coconut    grated                                                 1 cup
Turmeric powder                                                 1/2 teaspoon
Green chilly                                                         2 numbers
Jeera/ cumin seeds                                             1/2teaspoon
Garlic     (optional)                                               4  numbers
Shallots (small onions)                                         4 numbers

For seasoning

Coconut oil                                                           2 tablespoon

Method of preparation


Any type of vegetables can be used to make avial. 

Since all vegetables need different time for cooking, cook each vegetable separately. Here the vegetables I used have almost same cooking time, hence added together. 

If you are using raw banana and brinjal, soak separately in water to avoid discolouration.

Cut all vegetables in equal size.

If you want to add mango, add it when the vegetables done well.

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