Monday, 12 October 2015

Olan - Stewed Ash Gourd and Cow Beans In Coconut Milk With Step By Step Picutures

Olan is another  memorable delicacy of Kerala sadya. Rather than part of sadya (the Keralite vegetarian feast), it is one of the common dishes of my home. It was one of the favourite dish of my grandfather. My grandma and aunt were experts in this. I got this recipe from my aunt. 

I used only cucumber and cow beans, but in some area, pumpkins and long beans are also used. The only thing which we should keep in mind is that the amount of cow beans should always be less compared to the vegetable counterparts.


Ash gourd                                                           1 cup 
Red/white cow beans                                           1/4 cup
Green chilly                                                         2 numbers
Thin coconut milk                                                1 cup
Thick coconut milk                                              1/2 cup
Coconut oil                                                         2 tsp
Salt                                                                   as needed
Curry leaves                                                       1 spring

Direction for preparation

Take thick and thin coconut milk.

Take another pan, add ash gourd.

Add Salt.

Add thin coconut milk.

Cook covered.

Add a few drops of coconut oil and mix well. keep it covered for five to ten minutes and serve with rice.


The cow beans should remain intact.

Pumpkins and longs beans can also used.

Add green chilly and curry leaves only when the ash gourd is half done.

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