Ke Birista Recipe | How To Make Perfect Birista At Home | How To Make Fried Onions For Biriyani F

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Birista Recipe | How To Make Perfect Birista At Home | How To Make Fried Onions For Biriyani

Birista Recipe or Fried Onions For Biriyani With Step by Step Photos

Fried onions or Birista is thin slices of golden brown onions used in biriyani, soups, sandwiches etc. It is also used for garnishing the dishes. These golden brown colored crisp onions are loaded with full of flavors.  Let's make uniformly browned fried onions Today. Before going to the recipe sections, let us discuss about some commonly asked questions about birista or fried onions. 

    1. What is birista?

    Birista or beresta are the beautifully deep fried brown onions used in various Indian and Pakistani dishes, especially in biriyanis, kababs, soups, curries etc. In addition, birista is a popular snack food and garnish. You might have remembered Kerala ghee rice topped with  beautiful golden brown barista and dry fruits.

    2. What are the ingredients of Barista?

    To make crispy brown onion you need only the following three ingredients

    1. Onion :- Onion is the main ingredient of the barista. Red onions or white onions can be used. But red onions are recommended to get the best flavor and taste for Indian recipes. 

    2. Oil :- Any odorless natural oil can be used. But if preparing for biriyani, try to use ghee instead of oil. You can incorporate left over onion-infused ghee to flavor the biriyani rice. 

    3. Sugar :- Sugar catalyze the browning process. This is a secret trick given by Indian chefs. 

    3. Tips to make Perfect fried onions or birista

    1. Slice the onions thinly and uniformly. Thicker pieces will take longer time to brown. Also thin onion will cook fast, leaving the under cooked thick pieces. So it is important to slice onions as thinly as you can. 
    2. Fry Onion in batches. 
    3. Make sure that the oil is hot but not smoking hot while you add the onions.
    4. Deep frying is the best to get uniform and fast browning.
    5. Use enough oil to fry, the oil should fully cover the onion slices.
    6. Remember to stir the onions while frying to get even browning.
    7. You have to stop cooking before attaining the desired color as these onions will brown again utilizing the steam or heat entrapped inside while frying. 

    4. How to store the birista or fried onions

    We can store these fried onions easily for a long time without losing its flavor and taste. Once the birista come to room temperature, transfer into a zip lock bag or a plastic bag. Close them tightly and make airtight. If using plastic bags, keep the bag in an airtight container and then deep freeze it. (Never store in refrigerator or at room temperature, it should be kept in the freezer). It will remain fresh up to one year. 

    5. Some recipes using Fried onions or Birista
    We Keralites use birista mainly to flavor and garnish biriyani and ghee rice. Instead of these two rice dishes, we can utilize them while making kababs, cutlets, sandwiches, non-veg curries etc. 

    Birista Recipe | How To Make Perfect Birista At Home | How To Make Fried Onions For Biriyani

    Crispy and tasty brown onion


    • 3 medium onions
    • One generous pinch of sugar
    • Oil for deep frying

    How To Make Birista For Biriyani

    1. Peel off the skin and remove the basal part of the onion. Slice thinly and uniformly.  Separate the sliced onions gently with your hands.

    2. Heat oil in a thick bottomed kadai. When the oil turns hot, put evenly and uniformly chopped onion. Make sure that the oil is not too hot or smoky. Once you add the onion, the oil will start sizzling immediately, reduce the flame to medium or low for convenience otherwise keep the flame on high and stir continuously without leaving the kitchen counter.

    3. Add one generous pinch of sugar. This sugar will speed up the frying. But do not add too much sugar, the fried onions should not be sweet.

    4. Stir continuously and don't let the onion pieces unattended. The onion will turn soft first. 

    5. Gradually, it will start browning. Up to this stage, you can keep the flame high. Nothing is going to happen. But once the onion start to change its color, do reduce the flame and stir.

    6. Onion will come to light golden brown color. You can stop cooking at this stage if making birista for mutton or beef. 

    7. Otherwise continue cooking unless you get a nice brown color. (Especially for chicken or seafood) 

    8. Strain oil using a strainer and let it come to room temperature. Store in zip lock bags or plastic containers in freezer.

    Happy Cooking


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