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Roasted Coconut Paste/ Thenga Varutharachathu

Making roasted coconut paste is really tricky, it has to be roasted nicely to get a fine paste. If the coconut is not fried till crisp or less oil, it will be flop. It confused me a lot in the beginning. If you have any problem to make this, use correct level of oil and its crispness. It can be used in varieties of dishes, no matter whether it is veg or non veg. Grated coconut is roasted in oil first, then making fine paste  using a mixer grinder.


Coconut grated                           2 cups

Coconut oil                                 3 tbsp


Heat oil in a thick bottomed wide pan.

Add grated coconut and stir immediately on low-medium flame. If you keep it on high flame, stir continuously to avoid uneven browning.

Keep on stirring, the coconut will change its colour from white to pale red, and then slowly it will be dark brown in colour. Immediately switch off the stove and stir for two to three minutes to avoid burning.

Let it cool down slightly. Stir in between.

Transfer the content into a mixture grinder and make fine paste.

You can store it in the refrigerator for two to three months.


Add some chopped shallots, garlic and curry leaves for extra flavor.

To avoid burning , stir continuously.

The grated coconut should be of equal size,otherwise crush in a mixer grinder.

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