Ke Chapati Recipe | Roti Recipe | How To Make Indian Flat Bread Chapati F

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Chapati Recipe | Roti Recipe | How To Make Indian Flat Bread Chapati

Chapathi recipe with step by step photos

Chapathi is a very common wheat bread made in Indian houses. This unleavened flat bread is a regular staple food of North India and nowadays, in South India also. It is used a breakfast, dinner and sometimes as a lunch box dish.

    What is chapathi?

    Chapathi is a thin and soft Indian flat bread made of wheat flour. The unleavened thick dough is flattened into thin and round discs. It is then cooked on preheated tawa. It is a regular dish of North India, but in South India, we prefer to use this dish for breakfast or dinner.

    The name chapati come from the Hindi word 'chapt' which means to slap. The traditional method of flattening the chapati or forming rounds of thin dough is by slapping the dough between the  palms. With each slap, the round of dough is rotated and flattened.  

    What are the other names of Chapati?

    Roti, shabaati, phulka, shoshi and rotli are the other names of chapati in India.

    How to make chapati?

    Chapati is made using wheat flour. The wheat flour is combined using water and kneaded for a few minutes in order to increase the softness of the chapati. The more you knead, softer will be the chapati. Small balls are made, flattened and cooked on a preheated tawa. The softness and texture of chapati depend on the quality of flour and t the water content and how much you knead the dough.

    How to serve chapathi?

    To serve chapathi, any veg or non-veg gravy can be used. You fill the chapti with sauces and egg, chicken or vegetable to make a kathi role. Kothu porotta is an another tasty item, even though normally kerala porotta is used for making it, but we can try with chapathi also.

    Tips And tricks for Soft chapati /roti

    1. Use good quality atta or wheat flour. Only with fine wheat flour we get soft chappati.
    2.  To get really soft chapatis, the trick lies in the kneading, more you knead, the smoother the dough becomes and the smoother the dough is, the softer the Chapatis.
    3. The quantity of water may vary with the type of atta used, so adjust accordingly.
    4. Add water little by little while making the dough. While mixing the dough, do not pour water all at the first time and start mixing.
    5. While rolling, remember to roll the edges thinner than the center. This helps in puffing up of the chapati while cooking. 
    6. Resting time is also important to make soft chapatis.
    7. Do not use too much flour when rolling – it makes the chapatis hard.

    Chapati recipe | Roti Recipe | How To Make Indian Flat Bread Chapathi

    Unleavened Indian Flat Bread

    Preparation time: 30 minutes/ Cooking time: 10 minutes / Total time: 40 minutes


    • 2 cups wheat flour or atta
    • 1 cup water
    • Salt to taste
    • 1/2 teaspoon oil

    Chapati or roti preparation with step by step photos

    1. Take wheat flour in a wide mouthed pan. Add salt and mix well.  

    2. Now sprinkle water in small quantity and try to make a soft, non-sticky dough. 
    3. Apply some oil and keep covered for 20 to 30 minutes. If you don't want to use oil,  just cover the dough with a wet towel and keep aside.
    4. After 30 minutes, knead the dough with your hand by applying some pressure so that we get a very soft dough. You will experience the change, its colour will be slightly lighter compared to the unkneaded dough
    5. Make small lemon sized balls.
    6. Apply some flour on both side and flatten the balls with your hand.
    7. Then start rolling the dough ball into a flat round circle. Making the round rotis is not easy and with practice you will be able to roll them round. Flatten all the balls and keep aside.
    8. Turn on the gas stove and put the tawa /griddle to make it hot. the tawa/griddle has to be sufficiently hot to make soft chapatis. I generally make rotis on a medium flame.  On low flame the rotis become hard. Then put rolled chapatis on the hot tawa or griddle.
    9. Within a few seconds, color will be slightly darker and small bubbles will be formed. 
    10. Then flip and press the bubbles softly with a clean cloth or spatula so that it puff up nicely.
    11. When both sides were cooked, remove from heat and apply some oil on both sides when the rotis are still hot..
    12. Serve with any spicy gravy.

    Happy cooking


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