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Kerala Sweet Kozhukatta ( Sweet Rice Dumplings)

Kozhukatta is a breakfast item  for many of us, But it is  always an evening snack for me and my family. Kozhukatta brings memories of my happiest childhood school days. My late uncle was a great fan of this type of jaggery based dishes.  So it was one of the very common evening snack of our home in that time. My aunt is an expert in jaggery based dishes.
Anyway, now it is my turn, my kids also love this sweet dumplings. So I make quite often, at least once in a week,  and of course it is a healthy snack right????????? First of all, I will give you a detailed description.

Let us see how to make kozhukatta with sweet fillings

  • As a first step, we will prepare the filling, for that we have to prepare the jaggery syrup. Take a thick-bottomed pan, add jaggery crushed, not in balls, crush it a little bit as it will improve melting.
  • Keep the pan on fire on medium flame, (not on high flame because the water will reduce quickly and the jaggery will not melt.) and stir it occasionally and keep on boiling until the jaggery melts completely. Once the jaggery syrup is ready, strain it. (After melting, it will be around 1/2 cups. Sometimes, jaggery contains some sugar cane debris and sand, that is why I am suggesting you to strain it.)
  • Once the jaggery syrup is ready, we will make the filling. For that, heat , jaggery syrup, ¾ coconut and 1 teaspoon ghee in  a pan on low medium flame until the liquid is reduced. The syrup will bubble and then gradually it will reduce and will dry up. I have given all the three photos here. Also, you have to stir it in between to avoid overflow of the syrup.

  • Now we can add the cardamom either crushed or powdered. If you have cardamom essence,  use one or two drops of it. Anyway, I am using crushed one. 
  • Mix well and boil for some more time till all the liquid evaporates. Leave it to cool down.
  • Now we will prepare the dough, for that boil 1 cup of water with enough salt.
  • Add this water in the rice flour little by little with continuous stirring until we get a non-sticky dough in idiyappam consistency ( Idiyappam consistency means, it should not be hard or watery, we need a non-sticky dough).
  • Wait for few minutes till it warm enough to handle. Knead it gently until the dough became soft.
  • Make  medium sized balls out of this dough.
  • Now Make a small well at the center ( as in the photo) by gently pressing the dough inwards. Never flatten, we have to roll it back, and the ball will now look like a small cup.
  • Place one teaspoon of the filling.
  • Now fold the edges towards the center
  • roll into a ball.
  • Do the same with all dough. Now steam these kozhukattas in appachembu or steamer for 7-8 minutes. Wait till it cool down  That is it.
  • Kozhukatta is now ready. Serve warm. I think you will enjoy it.

Kerala sweet kozhukatta recipe

Author: Anju Aneesh
Recipe type: Snacks
Cuisine: Kerala, South India
Preparation time: 10 minutes | Cooking time: 20 minutes | Total time: 30 minutes



  • 1 1/2 cup rice flour
  • 80 grams jaggery
  • ¾ cup coconut
  • 1 teaspoon ghee
  • 2 to 3 crushed cardamom
  • salt to taste.

Direction of preparation of Kerala sweet kozhukatta

For filling

  • Melt jaggery with  1/4 cup of water and strain it.
  • Heat ghee and add grated coconut and jaggery syrup and cook till the liquid dries up.
  • Add crushed cardamom or cardamom powder and mix well. Remove from fire and wait till it cools down.

For dough

  • Heat 1 cup of water with salt, when it boils, remove from the flame.
  • Add hot water little by little to the rice flour and mix gently with a spatula and keep aside for five to six minutes till it is warm enough to handle.
  • Knead the dough with your hand till soft and consistency should be same as that of the idiyappam dough and the dough should not be sticky.

To make kozhukatta

  • Make medium sized balls out of it. Make a small well in the center and place about 1 teaspoon filling and close the well, roll gently so that you get a white ball.
  • Steam the kozhukatta in steamer for 1-8 minutes and serve warm.

Some notes on kerala kozhukatta

  • The amount of water depends on the quality of rice flour. So adjust accordingly.
  • If you want to make it special, add some ghee fried dry fruits.

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