Ke Beetroot pulka / Beetroot chapathi / Beetroot roti recipe F

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Beetroot pulka / Beetroot chapathi / Beetroot roti recipe

Beet root Phulka recipe or Beetroot chapathi recipe with detailed photos

Beetroot phulka or beetroot chapathi is a colorful and tasty version of regular Indian flat bread or chapathi. It is filled with the richness of beetroot and healthier than the regular chapathi  or phulka recipe. This recipe I usually prepare for my kid's lunch box along with some kid of gravy.

    What is the difference between chapathi (roti) and phulka?

    Chapathi and phulka are made with same wheat dough. The difference is in its preparation technique, size and texture.

    Phulka is usually smaller in size, one side is cooked on tawa where as the other side on direct heat. The phulka puffs up due to formation of steam inside it. Phulka is tastier and softer than the regular chapati or roti.

    Chapathi is made larger than the phulka but it is cooked on tawa. When one side is cooked, then flip and cook the other side also. Chapathi also puffs up, but we need to press gently with a spatula to make it a ball.

    How to Make beetroot phulka or beetroot chapati?

    Beetroot phulka or beetroot chapathi making quite easy. The cooked beetroot paste is mixed with wheat flour. It is then seasoned and kneaded to make a thick and soft dough. The dough kept untouched for a few minutes to build up its texture. Then made into small balls, flattened and cooked on the tawa or direct heat. 

    Why should we include beetroot in our diet?

    Beetroot is a healthy vitamin and mineral rich vegetable which we should include in our diet to make our body healthy. The root vegetable contains folate, manganese, vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium, etc. It is good for our heart and lungs and helps to prevent heart diseases and stroke. 

    Serving options for beetroot phulka or beetroot chapathi

    Beetroot phulka or beetroot chapathi can be served just like our normal chapathi. Use any gravy type veg or non-veg curry. 

    Beetroot phulka | Beetroot Roti | Beetroot Chapathi Recipe | How to make colorful chapathi or phulka for kids lunch box

    Healthy version of Indian flat bread

    Preparation time: 20 minutes | Cooking time: 10 minutes | Total time: 30 minutes


    • 200 gram beetroot
    • 1/2 cup water
    • 1 cup wheat flour / atta / gothamu mavu
    • Salt to taste
    • 1 teaspoon oil (optional)

    Beetroot chapathi or beetroot phulka recipe with step by step photos

    Beetroot phulka or beetroot chapathi preparation uses wheat flour, beetroot, salt and water. Use same dough for both. If you want to make beetroot chapathi, then make thinner chapaties and cook on tawa. For phulka, flatten into slightly thick discs, cook one side on tawa and other side over direct heat.
    1. Take one small beetroot, peel off the skin, and then chop or grate it into small pieces. Add half cup of water.
    2. Let it boil on high flame. Once start to boil, reduce the flame to medium, cover with a lid and cook till became soft.
    3. When come to room temperature, grind into a smooth paste. Sieve and keep aside. If you don't want to exclude its fibers, then you can avoid sieving. 

    4. Take 1 cup of wheat flour in a wide pan. Add enough salt and mix well.
    5. Now make a soft, non-sticky dough by pouring beetroot puree little by little. The dough should not be too watery or too hard.
    6. Apply some oil or cover with a wet cloth. Keep aside for 10 to 15 minutes.
    7. Knead again and make small balls out of it.
    8. Then start rolling the dough into flat, uniformly thin circles on a dusted chapati maker.
    9. Place it on a hot pan
    10. Flip when bubble appear and cook the other side also.
    11. Put directly on the flame to rise or puff.
    12. Serve hot with any veg or non-veg gravy.

    Happy cooking


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