Ke Pacha Manga Chammanthi | Kerala style raw mango chutney F

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Pacha Manga Chammanthi | Kerala style raw mango chutney

Kerala Pacha manga chammanti With detailed photos and video

Pacha manga chammanthi or raw mango chutney is a dry condiment made with coconut , raw mango and spices. I usually hesitate to post small recipes like this even though I make chutneys almost every day for lunch. In Kerala, we prepare a variety of chutneys as a dip or side dish for lunch, dinner and breakfast. So many variations of mango chutney can be made and this is my first post in this series. As soon as possible, I will include more chutney recipes from south India. Today's recipe is my masterpiece and the most loved one among them.

    What is mean by chammanti ?

    Chammanthi stands for the English word chutney in Malayalam. Both dry and wet chutneys are known by the same name chammanthi. Chammanthi is normally made with coconut but there are some variations also. When the coconut is ground with different ingredients such as sour, spicy or flavoring agents, the resultant will be known as chammanthi. The main ingredient name appended with the word chammanthi such as manga chammanthi, mulaku chammanthi etc. 

    Pacha manga chammanti - why this name?

    Pacha manga in Malayalam means raw mango. This chutney or chammanthi uses sour raw mango for taste and flavor. Ripe mango won't suite this recipe. Pacha manga chammanthi should be sour, spicy and flavorful. When you lick, all these tastes should enthrall your taste buds.  

    Name of raw mango in different Indian Languages

    Malayalam - pachamanga

    Tamil - Mangai

    Telugu - Mamidi

    Hindi - kacha aam

    Guajarati - Kachi Keri

    Pachamanga chammanthi - tips and tricks

    1. Use fresh matured coconut.
    2. Use sour mango for this recipe and adjust the amount of mango to your taste. Do a taste test first.
    3. Finish chutney on the same day of preparation. It should not be kept outside for long time, refrigerate it within a couple of hours of its preparation.
    4. Heating the chutney will spoil its taste and texture.
    5. This version of pacha manga chammanti does not need any water as the moisture within the ingredient itself is enough to attain the right consistency which we are looking  for. 
    6. Stone grinding is the traditional way of making chammanti but these day's stone were not be there in most of the houses, so we can use the regular small mixer jar.

    Kerala pachamanga chammanthi and Serving options

    You can serve this tangy and spicy chutney with steamed rice, spicy cutlets or rolls. 

    Pacha Manga Chammanti recipe | How To make Kerala Style Raw Mango Chutney | Easy Manga Chammanti Recipe

    A dry condiment made with coconut, raw mango and spices

    Preparation time: 5 minutes| cooking time: Nil | Total time: 5 minutes


    • 1.5 cups grated coconut
    • 3 to 4 pieces of sour mango
    • 4 shallots
    • 2 green chilies
    • Salt to taste

    How to make Kerala Pachamanga Chammanthi at home - Video

    Pacha manga chammanthi preparation with step by step photos

    • To make pacha manga chammanti, peel off the skin of raw mango with a peeler or sharp knife. Sour varieties of mango are the best for this dish. The chutney should be sour and you have to adjust the amount of mango depending on your taste. That is why I haven't given a specific amount for mangoes. If the mango is sour, you have to use only a few slices but if not use more. Here, I am using only one portion of this mango. 
    •  Now cut the mango slice into small pieces in order to make the grinding process easier.
    • Next, Take the small mixer jar. Put four to five shallots, green chilies to your taste and the chopped mango pieces.
    • Grind smoothly without adding water. You may experience difficulty while grinding, if so just stir with a spoon and then grind again. 
    • Add grated coconut and salt. No need to add water. The moisture trapped inside the ingredients will be enough to get the right consistency. After grinding, the chammanthi should have a thick consistency. The coconut should be added only after other ingredients grind perfectly. After adding coconut, the big pieces will not grind properly and the chutney will lose its consistency. 
    • Serve with steamed rice and enjoy. 

    Happy cooking

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