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Kacha Golla Recipe | Pranhara Kacha Golla | Paneer Laddu

Kacha golla - A Popular milk based sweet from West Bengal with step by step photos and video

Kacha golla is a famous sweet from Kolkata, West Bengal, made with Indian cottage cheese, paneer. This highly demanding sweet is so light and has a melt in mouth consistency compared to other milk based Indian sweets. Now a day, it is available in other states also, but i doubt, whether it is available in Kerala or not. But, we can see a vast variety of milk based sweets in Kerala bakeries.

Here I have shared the quick and easy panhara kacha golla recipe along with a detailed description of making home made chenna or paneer. If the panner is already made, then you can make this yummy sweet within no time. You can try this dish with the ready-made paneer also, but with home made paneer we get smooth textured kacha gollas. You can also add some flavoring agents like cardamom, saffron, rose water, etc.  A really tempting dish, try at least once, you won't stop.

 Kacha Golla Recipe| How To Make Bengali Kacha Golla At Home | How To Make Bengali Paneer Laddu With Only Three Ingredients

Melt In Mouth Milk Sweet
Preparation time: 30 minutes| Cooking time: 10 minutes | Total time: 20 minutes

  • 1 liter full cream milk
  • 2 tablespoon sugar
  • 2 1/2  tablespoon condensed milk
  • lemon juice as needed or 2 tbsp vinegar + 1 tbsp water
  • 3 tablespoons milk powder

Direction of preparation of Kolkata Kacha Golla

  1. Boil milk over high flame in a clean and wide pan. Once boil, reduce the flame to medium and pour lemon juice or vinegar in batches and wait till it curdle. Then switch off the flame.
  2. Strain and remove the whey through a muslin cloth and clean with fresh cold water. Squeeze with your hands and remove excess water if any. Then make a pouch and tie with a string or cloth and hang somewhere till all the water drains.
  3. Transfer the paneer into a clean plate and mash it with your hands. Then divide equally and set one portion aside. 
  4. Add sugar to the second portion and mix thoroughly until you get a smooth silky texture.
  5. Transfer the content into a pan and pour condensed milk. Cook over low flame until all the water evaporate.
  6. Mix this with second portion of paneer and make it smooth by rubbing and smashing with your hands as much as you can.
  7. Then make small lemon sized balls with no cracks, roll in milk powder, refrigerate for ten to fifteen minutes and serve.
  8. Kacha golla is now ready, enjoy.

How to make Pranhara Kacha Golla

  • To Make Kacha Golla, boil milk in a clean and neat thick bottomed pan. Full-cream milk is best for this recipe, as this gives increased quantity and texture. Keep the pan over high flame and wait till it boils. 
  • Once the milk starts to boil, reduce the flame to medium and pour vinegar mixed with equal amount of water and mix well. You can use a few drops of lemon instead of vinegar, then no need to mix with water.
  • The milk will start to curdle immediately. Once solids separate fully, switch off the flame.
  • Strain through a clean cloth kept of a strainer. You can either keep a bowl to collect the whey. 
  • Pour some fresh water and clean thoroughly. You can use a spoon or a wooden ladle for this purpose.
  • Make a bag by holding all ends together and then squeeze carefully with your hands to remove excess whey if present. Now have it somewhere so that all the water content from this home made paneer drain away completely. It may take up to thirty minutes or more. 
  • After thirty minutes, you can see a beautiful thick mass of home made paneer inside the cloth. 
  • Transfer into a plate and powder it using your hands. Then divide the paneer equally into two halves. Transfer one portion into another plate and set aside.
  • Mix thoroughly by rubbing and mashing until and unless you get a very smooth texture.
  • Then cook in a pan and pour condensed milk. Adjust the amount of condensed milk to your taste. The pan should be kept over low flame to avoid burning. 
  • Then mix with a wooden spoon or spatula, the mix will be watery in the beginning.
  • But with time, it will form a thick mass as shown here. 
  • Mix this paneer and condensed milk batter with the second part of paneer that we have set aside. 
  • Wait for a few minutes until it come to touchable temperature. Then mix well till smooth and make small lemon sized balls. You can add some flavoring agents at this stage. The kacha golla, we get here is usually have a rose water taste, but you can try different variations like saffron, cardamom etc.
  • Roll in milk powder. Refrigerate it for a few hours because it tastes good when cold. 
  • Enjoy.
Happy cooking

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