Ke Easy Kerala rice Puttu Recipe | How To Make Soft Kerala Puttu F

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Easy Kerala rice Puttu Recipe | How To Make Soft Kerala Puttu


Easy Kerala Puttu With Step with detailed Photos and Video

Puttu is the most popular and most favorite breakfast dish of Kerala. It is basically a cylindrical log of rice flour and coconut. Puttu served with Kadala curry is yum. We could see this combo in each and every houses, teashops and even in the star hotels of Kerala.  But it is not necessary to to serve puttu with kadala curry, but you have many choices. Any spicy veg or non veg curry suite with this steamed cake, sometimes, we serve with ripe banana and papad also. 

    As I stated already, Key ingredient of puttu is coconut and roasted coarsely ground rice flour. In this recipe, I used store bought branded rice flour. Not all rice flour available in the market taste alike, try to choose Kerala based brands. For almost five to six years, I am using Ponkathir brand, because it gives the traditional taste and flavor.

    It is not necessary to depend on the branded items available in the market, you can make puttu podi easily at home. Just soak raw rice for a couple of hours, wash, drain, coarsely ground and dry roast. Very simple, but requires labor and time. In Kerala, you can buy roasted rice flour for puttu directly from flour mills.

    Let us check this delicious and easy puttu recipe at home, very simple, follow the steps carefully and enjoy.

    Easy Puttu Recipe | Easy Kerala Puttu Recipe | How To Make Kerala Puttu At home

    Easy Kerala Puttu

    Steamed Kerala Style rice Cake

    Preparation time: 20 minutes | Cooking time: 8 minutes | Total time: 28 minutes


      • 1 cup coarsely ground rice flour
      • 1 cup water
      • Salt to taste
      • 1 cup to 1.5 cup grated coconut 
      • Salt to taste

    How to Make Kerala Puttu Easily - Video

    Easy Kerala Puttu Preparation With Step by Step Photos

    1. Take rice flour in a bowl and put enough salt and mix well.

    2. Pour one cup water, give a gentle mix. Note: The amount of water used, depends on the brand you choose. Please follow the package direction. 

    3. Cover and keep for twenty minutes. Not more than twenty minutes. The roasted rice flour will absorb water and will turn moist.  Also will increase its volume. After twenty minutes, open the lid and  see the moist rice flour ready to be cooked.
    4.  Mix well with your hands . Put 3/4 or 1 cup grated coconut and mix well. Adjust the amount of coconut to your taste, but do remember only with sufficient coconut we get tasty puttu.

    5. Take puttu maker, (the cylindrical mold for making puttu), Insert the perforated plate.

    6.  Put one layer of grated coconut first. Use one or two tablespoons of coconut and spread evenly, otherwise the puttu will stick to the perforated plate and won't allow the steam to enter.

    7. Then fill one half of the puttukutti with the rice flour coconut mix and make add a thin layer of coconut followed by rice flour mix. The coconut layer between rice flour not only increase its taste but also help us to cut easily. 

    8. Close with its lid and place it on the puttu kalam and steam for three to five minutes.

    9. Then demould into a plate using a long chappati roller or thin log.

    10. Serve with kadala curry or pappadam.😋

    Happy cooking

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