Ke Ginger tea | Inji Chaya | Adrak chai | Adrak wali chai F

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Ginger tea | Inji Chaya | Adrak chai | Adrak wali chai


Ginger tea with detailed photos and video.

Ginger tea or Inji chaya is a very healthy and medicinally important Indian beverage made with ginger, tea leaves and milk. Ginger tea is also known as inji chaya in Malayalam and adrak chai or adrak wali chai in Hindi. Despite of the pleasing aroma and taste of ginger, it is filled with a lot of medicinal properties of ginger. It helps in lowering blood pressure, preventing blood clot, clears throat, prevent nausea, improve immune system etc.

    I usually use half milk and Half water for my tea and coffee. This recipe also, I made in the same way. But you can adjust to your preference. Use more sugar and tea leaves if needed. Boiling tea leaves for a long time, will leave bitterness in tea. Also, do not put tea leaves in the beginning.

    Inji Chaya or Ginger Tea | How To Make Ginger Tea At Home | Healthy Refreshing Adrak Wali Chai Recipe
    Inji Chaya / Ginger tea / Adrak Wali tea

    Ginger Flavored Indian Tea With Milk
    Preparation time: 2 minutes | Cooking time: 10 minutes | Total time:12 minutes


    • 1.5 cups of water
    • 1 cup milk
    • one small piece of fresh ginger
    • 2 teaspoon sugar or sugar to taste
    • 1 teaspoon tealeaves

    How To Make Ginger Tea At Home - Video

    How to make Ginger tea or Inji chaya / Adrak chai

    • Take water in a saucepan and grate peeled fresh ginger. Add ginger either grated or crushed. Then only we will get all the flavors extracted.
      Adding Ginger

    • Add sugar to your taste. 
      Adding sugar

    • Boil water on high flame, when boils, reduce the flame and continue this process until the water reduced to one cup. By this time, you will get the refreshing aroma of ginger. 
      Water boils
    • Add one cup of milk and sugar. I usually use half water and half milk for my tea. You can adjust the amount to your preference. 
      Milk incorporated

    • When come to a rolling boil, put tea leaves. 
      Adding tea leaves

    • Immediately reduce the flame, and then increase, allow this to boil again. Continue this two or three times.
      Tea is ready

    • When you get desired color and strength, Strain through a tea strainer.
      Strain using a tea strainer

    • Serve hot and enjoy.
      Inji chaya / Ginger tea / Adrak Wali Tea

    Happy Cooking

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