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Kozhukkatta | Chakka Kozhukkattai Recipe | Kozhukkattai recipe | Jackfruit kozhukattai recipe


Chakka Kozhukkatta Recipe | Kozhukkattai recipe | Jackfruit kozhukattai recipe with step by step photos and video

Chakka kozhukattai or jackfruit kozhukkattai is the steamed rice dumpling filled with coconut and jackfruit. In Malayalam, chakka means jackfruit. Ghee, cardamom and jackfruit is used to flavor the dish. Really a tempting dish in attractive yellow color. There are so many variants of chakka kozhukkatta, this is my version. 

    What is Kozhukkattai?

    Kozhukkattai is quite a familiar dish for most of us. But before going to the recipe, I think it will be better to give a short note on kozhikkattai. It is for those people who are not familiar with this dish. As I said earlier, Kozhukkattai is the steamed rice dumplings. Usually filled with sweet coconut filling, but savory versions are also available. Ghee and cardamom is used as the flavoring agents. 

    Kozhukkattai is associated with so many religious festivals in Kerala. It usually served as offering to god Ganesha. Kozhukkattai is prepared on the day before Palm Sunday by Christian community of Kerala, hence that day is called kozhukkatta sani or kozhukkatta Saturday.  We should not forget its north Indian version, modak. Modak is almost similar to kozhukkatta but with slightly different filling. 

    Kozhukkattai - Other Names

    Malayalam - Kozhukkatta

    Tamil - Kozhukkattai

    Hindi - Modak

    What is chakka or Jackfruit?

    Chakka or jackfruit is a fruit found in tropical region. This seasonal fruit grows on the bark of the woody jackfruit tree on summer. Almost, all parts of this fruit are edible. But only its bulbs and seeds are used by Keralites. Young and unripe jackfruit is used to make side dishes. Where as the matured unripe ones can be used for making chips and curries. Ripe ones are very tasty and sweet.

    Chakka kozhukkattai - About

    Chakka kozhukkattai is a seasonal dish, it can be made only when then the jackfruit ripe. Making chakka kozhukkatta method is slightly different from normal kozhukkatttai preparation in terms of filling and dough. The main flavoring agents are jackfruit, ghee and cardamom powder. If you are a jackfruit lover, then do try this recipe, you will be astonished. 

    Chakka kozhukkatai - tips and tricks

    1. The main flavoring agent for chakka kozhukkatai is jackfruit, the ripe jackfruit pieces will be added in both dough and filling. Jack fruit gives that beautiful yellow color to the dumplings.
    2. The dough should be made with hot water. it should not be replaced with cold water. Hot water makes the dumpling's coating soft.
    3. For filling, sugar is used, this is a sugar kozhukkattai. But you can try with jaggery also. But the taste of jaggery will overpower the flavor of jackfruit. So I don't prefer jaggery in this dish.
    4. There are so many kozhukkattai moulds are available in the market, if not able to shape with hands, you can try the mould method.
    5. Steaming with banana leaves always enhances the taste of jackfruit based dishes.  I didn't used today, because of lockdown banana leaves are not available here.

    Chakka Kozhukkattai Recipe | Kozhukkattai Recipe | Jackfruit Kozhukattai Recipe


    Steamed jackfruit flavored dumplings

    Preparation time: 30 minutes | Cooking time:20 minutes| Total time:50 minutes

    Chakka kozhukatta ingredients 

    Chakka kozhukatta dough

    • 1.5 cups smoothly ground roasted rice flour
    • 6 jackfruit bulbs, cleaned
    • 1.5 cups of water
    • Salt to taste

    Chakka kozhukkatta filling

    • 1/2 cup grated coconut, thickly packed or 3/4 cup grated coconut loosely packed
    • 2.5 cups of sugar (or to taste)
    • 0.5 to 1.5 tablespoons of ghee
    • 3 jackfruit bulbs
    • A generous pinch of freshly ground cardamom powder

    How to make chakka kozhukatai at home - Video

    Chakka kozhukkatta With Step by Step photos

    Chakka kozhukkatta filling

    Let us make chakka kozhukkatta filling first. For this particular recipe sugar and coconut filling is tastier than the jaggery filling. So I am explaining the sugar and coconut filling of kozhukkatta today. If want to try jaggery filling, then check my kozhukkatta recipe post.
    1. Heat a thick bottomed pan over high heat, when turn hot, reduce the flame to medium and pour 1/2 tablespoon ghee. You can you up to 1.5 tablespoons of ghee if you prefer.

    2. Put grated coconut. Used 1/2 cup thickly packed or 3/4 cup loosely packed fresh grated coconut.

    3. Sauté for one minute or till the coconut turn a little bit dry and slightly cooked.

    4. Put 2.5 tablespoons of sugar. The amount of sugar is up to your taste, adjust its amount. 

    5. Keep the flame on low and stir continuously. Cook till the sugar completely melts and coat the coconut.

    6. Finally, add a pinch of cardamom powder and mix well.

    7. Transfer immediately into a clean and dry bowl and set aside.

    8. When the filling cool down completely, put finely chopped jackfruit pieces and mix well. 

    Chakka kozhukkattai dough preparation 

    Chakka kozhukkatta dough preparation is slightly different than the normal kozhukattai dough. 
    1. Take 1.5 cups of rice flour in a bowl. Take finely ground roasted rice flour i.e., appam or idiyappam flour.

    2. Now it is the time to add the flavoring agent. Take chopped jackfruit bulbs in a mixer grinder. 

    3. Grind into a smooth paste without adding water. The jackfruit should be grind till smooth, if any difficulty in grinding, add one or two tablespoons of water, not more than that. 

    4. Add this ground jackfruit paste in the rice flour.

    5.  If the jackfruit is brightly colored, it will give enough color to the kozhukkattai. otherwise, use a pinch of lemon yellow food color

    6. Mix well and set aside.

    7. Heat one and half cups of water in a saucepan, put enough salt. 

    8. Keep the pan over high flame. Switch off the flame when the water boils.

    9. Pour the water immediately in the dry ingredients with stirring. Add water in batches. I used 1.5 cups of boiled water, but its amount will vary depending on the brand of rice flour used.

    10. Make soft and thick dough, cover with a lid and set aside for ten minutes.

    11. After the resting time, knead well with your hands so that the dough gets a really smooth and soft texture. Knead the dough when it is still hot.

    Chakka kozhukkatta shaping

    Kozhukatta moulds are available in the Indian grocery stores and in online market. You can use that to shape the kozhukkattai. But for me, hand method is easier.

    1. Take a small portion of kozhukkatta and make a smooth lemon sized ball.

    2. Slightly flatten with your hands. If the dough sticking to your hands, wash your hands and do it,

    3. Make a disk with thin edges and thick center.

    4. Place the flattened dough on your hands just like a cup.

    5. Further put one or two teaspoons of filling. Place one cashew nut at the center.

    6. Join the sides and press gently to close the dough.

    7. Shape the top portion. Flatten then its bottom side carefully with your hands.

    8. Now use a knife or fork and make shallow impressions it. These impressions should not be deep, so that the filling ooze out.

    9. Place the kozhukkattai on an idli plate and steam for ten minutes. 

    10. After ten minutes, remove and serve hot.

    11. Enjoy.

    Happy cooking

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