Ke Neyyada | Kannur Neyyada Recipe | Malabar Layered Ghee Cake Recipe F

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Neyyada | Kannur Neyyada Recipe | Malabar Layered Ghee Cake Recipe

Malabar Neyyada Recipe with detailed photos and video.

Neyyada or Mutta marichathu is a Malabar iftar snack made with flour, egg and sugar. This is a very easy steamed snack which will be ready within minutes. The layers of neyyada are melt in mouth and filled with the beautiful flavor of cardamom. If you are a fan of Malabar snacks or dessert, this is for you.

    Neyyada - About

    Neyyada is a popular iftar snack from the great Malabar. It is sometimes called mutta marichathu locally. This steamed snack has beautiful soft and thin layers which make it distinct in terms of taste or appearance.  Both the layers have different ingredients which merge to form a delicious, melt in mouth snack. The sweetness and the aroma of ghee and cardamom make it appealing to everyone. 

    The main ingredients of this sweet dish is flour, sugar, egg and ghee. Both cardamom and ghee give it a pleasant aroma. Both the layers uses two different ingredients. The first layer will be made of flour, milk and water where as the second layer uses egg, sugar and cardamom as its ingredients. The layers are further greased with ghee even though the Malayalam word 'ney' in its name translate to ghee in English. 

    Neyyada is sweet in taste. Table sugar is used as the sweetener. This dish won't be too sweet, make it only moderately sweet. To get pleasing aroma use fresh cardamom and RKG ghee. 

    Neyyada - Tips and Tricks

    • While making the neyyada or the Malabar layered ghee cake, the flour based batter should have a thin consistency.  The consistency of the batter is very important to get the melt in mouth thin layers. Use either water or a mix of water and milk for this purpose.
    • Do remember to grease the pan before use. 
    • The first and last layer should of the flour batter.
    • The flour based batter will take 25 to 30 seconds, where as the egg based layer will take a little bit longer time such as 40 to 45 seconds.
    • Each time before making the next layer, make sure the previous layer is cooked well and non - sticky. These layers will look dry once cooked. Otherwise, check with your hands. 
    • You can add some dry fruits in between to get some crunchiness.
    • Use any good quality ghee such as RKG ghee for better aroma.

    Neyyada Recipe | Malabar Neyyada Recipe | How To Make Malabar Style Layered Ghee Cake 

    Layered ghee cake

    Preparation time: 5 Minutes | Cooking time: 7 minutes | Total time:12 minues


    First layer

    • 1 cup flour
    • 1 cup milk
    • 1 cup water
    • A pinch of salt

    Second layer

    • 4 eggs
    • 5 tbsp sugar
    • 3 cardamom

    Other ingredients

    • A few ghee fried cashews and raisins
    • A pinch of white sesame seeds
    • A pinch of black sesame seeds
    • Ghee as needed

    How To Make Kannur Style Neyyada

    Preparation of Neyyada With Step By Step Photos

    This recipe uses two batters, which are layered while steaming. 

    For the first batter
    1. Take flour, milk, water and salt in a mixer jar.

    2. Grind into a smooth lump free batter.

    3.  Pour into a clean and neat bowl and set aside.

    For the second batter
    1. Take the eggs, sugar and cardamom in a mixer jar. 

    2. Blend till the sugar dissolves. Sieve through a tea strainer and set aside.

    Let us make neyyada in the following way
    1. Place one greased round steel plate or a round baking tray inside the hot steamer or idli cooker.

    2. Make the first layer with the flour based batter. 

    3. Cover with the lid and cook till it turns dry (or cooked).

    4. Further pour, one spoonful of egg mix and make the second layer. This time also, cover with the lid and cook till the egg layer is done or cooked.

    5. Once the egg layer is cooked well, drizzle some ghee or brush some ghee over this layer. If the egg layer is not cooked fully, it will stick to the brush. So do this step with gentle hands. Repeat this process.

    6. Once you reached the last layer, which must be a flour based layer. Cook for 10 seconds. 

    7. When the flour layer is half done, garnish with some ghee fried cashews and resins, white and black sesame seeds.

    8. Again close the steamer and cook for a few seconds. Switch off the flame and let it cool completely.

    9. Once the neyyada cool fully, separate the edges with a knife and demould.

    10. You can see beautiful layers made in between. You can separate that layers  if you like.

    11. Enjoy.

    Happy Cooking


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