Ke Strawberry Banana Smoothie | Breakfast Smoothies With Strawberry And Banana F

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Strawberry Banana Smoothie | Breakfast Smoothies With Strawberry And Banana


Strawberry banana smoothie recipe with step by step photos and video.

Strawberry banana smoothie is a healthy breakfast drink made with fresh fruits and curd. You can make it vegan by replacing the curd. These day's I regularly include curd in my menu in order to escape from the hot summer. This smoothie is super delicious, let us discuss today the preparation of strawberry smoothie with only four ingredients. 

    How to make strawberry banana smoothie?

    Strawberry banana smoothie is a quick beverage made using fresh fruits. Strawberry, banana and curd are its ingredients. The strawberries will give beautiful pink color and slight sour taste to our smoothie where as the banana make it rich and thick like milkshakes. The curd is used to get a cooling effect to our body. You can incorporate one or two tablespoons of sugar to balance its taste.

    Strawberry Smoothie - Expert's tips

    1. Use low fat curd for this recipe. Make sure the curd is not too much sour.  Remember the strawberries are also sour in taste. 
    2. Recommend to use a Robusta banana for this recipe. 
    3. If the smoothie is preparing for kids, add one or two tablespoons of sugar.
    4. Adjust the number of strawberries considering its sourness.

    How to Make Strawberry Banana Smoothie

    Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe | Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe | How To Make Strawberry Smoothie For Breakfast

    A smooth blend of banana and strawberries

    Preparation time: 5 minutes | Cooking time :0  minutes | Total time: 5 minutes


    • 1 ripe medium sized robusta banana
    • 7 to 8 medium fresh strawberries or 2 cups strawberries
    • 1 cup curd
    • 1/2 cup ice cubes
    • 2 tbsp sugar (salt to taste)

    Preparation of Strawberry Smoothie With Step By Step Pictures

    1. Add in banana pieces. Peel off the skin and roughly chop the bananas. Put in the juicer jar of your mixer grinder.

    2. Also put 7 to 8 fresh strawberries. Remember to wash and remove its stalk.

    3. Add low fat curd and ice cubes. You can add some sugar if you prefer.

    4. Blend till smooth and serve.

    5. Enjoy. 

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