Ke Microwave Mug Cake | Spice Mug Cake Recipe | Spice Cake In Two Minutes F

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Microwave Mug Cake | Spice Mug Cake Recipe | Spice Cake In Two Minutes


Microwave mug cake

Microwave Mug Cake | Spice Mug Cake Recipe | Spice Cake In Two Minutes with step by step photos. 

Microwave spice mug cakes are delightful desserts that fit into the adorable small tummies of beautiful mugs. A mug cake is one of the easiest sweets to make. There is no need for elaborate mixing, greasing, or layering; all you need are a few ingredients and a microwave-safe coffee mug. I believe it is the ideal dessert for us when we want a quick sweet treat.

    Microwave Spice Mug cake - About

    Microwave spice mug cakes are small, delectably flavored cakes cooked in coffee mugs in the microwave. Microwave mug cakes are really simple to make; simply combine all of the ingredients and microwave. When compared to oven baked cakes, the two main disadvantages of a simple microwave cup cake are the lack of a top brown crest and the cakes being slightly denser. If we ignore these two drawbacks, a microwave mug cake is a superb and quick solution for our kids' evening teatime snack.

    The no-egg microwave spice cup cake recipe of today is a delectable treat with the lovely aroma of fragrant spices such as cinnamon, clove, ginger, and cardamom. Serving them with cream cheese icing or vanilla frosting will make each piece of the mug cake lovely and delectable.

    The microwave spice cup cake is a twist on classic spice cakes. Kerala X' mas cake is a well-known example of a spice cake. The rich and delicate sponge cakes are elevated to a new level with the addition of some simple spices and vanilla. This is one of my favorite cold-weather treats. On that day, my house will be filled with the delightful aroma of these unique spices. I adore that experience. Oven fresh spice mug cakes and a cup of hot steaming coffee make my evenings more joyful and vivid.

    As previously said, today's spice mug cake recipe is eggless. Without eggs, microwave cup cakes are typically denser. Today's recipe, however, is an exception; it is soft, delicate, and melts in your mouth. Let's go over some tips for achieving that softness.

    Microwave spice mug cake - Expert's tips

    1. To make a microwave mug cake, you must use microwave safe mugs. To make the cakes, use ordinary sized microwave safe coffee mugs of any renowned brand.
    2. Spice cakes are typically dense and flavorful. In comparison to normal cakes, it features tight crumbs and a moist texture. Overmixing the batter will result in a denser, harder cake. So gently combine everything and microwave right away. If your microwave lacks a rotating stand, spin the mug manually every half-minute.
    3. Never microwave more than one mug cake at a time. Cooking two cakes at the same time lengthens the cooking time and may result in uneven cooking.
    4. For the best results, use the same old cake baking procedure while making microwave cup cakes. Use room temperature ingredients, measure precisely, and only fill each mug halfway. When the cake is baked, it will rise. As a result, if you overfill the cups, the batter will spill and make a huge mess.
    5. You can make these anyplace there is a microwave. Your favorite cake is only a few minutes away, whether you are at work or at home.
    6. The majority of microwave ovens have a power setting. The spice mug cake recipe for today will be cooked on high powder for one and a half to two minutes. Cooking time may vary significantly depending on the powder in your microwave and the size of the mug. Simply check whether the cake is springing back after one and a half minutes. If not, cook for another half-minute. Remember that most cakes continue to cook after they are removed from the oven, and overcooking will result in a dense and dry cake.
    7. To make the spice cake, I recommend using freshly ground spice powders because they have a stronger flavor. If using store-bought spice powders, use slightly more than the amount specified in the recipe. The flavours in this recipe can be masked by the use of butter.
    8. A small amount of leaving agent will boost the softness of the cake. You have the option to avoid. The cake may be a little denser, but it will not be unpalatable.

    How to make microwave spice mug cakes

    Microwave Mug Cake | Spice Mug Cake Recipe | Spice Cake In Two Minutes

    Spice mug cake

    Aromatic and soft microwave spice cake

    Preparation time: 2 minutes | Cooking time: 2 minutes | Total time: 4 minutes


    • 1/4 cup all purpose flour or maida
    • 1/4 cup powdered sugar
    • Pinch cinnamon powder
    • Pinch of cardamom powder
    • Pinch ground cloves
    • Pinch ground ginger
    • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
    • Pinch salt
    • 1/4 cup milk
    • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
    • 1.5 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted

    Step by step preparation of microwave spice mug cake

    1. Combine flour, powdered sugar, ground cinnamon, ground cardamom, ground ginger, ground clove, and salt in a microwave-safe coffee mug.
      Microwave mug cake

    2. Mix all of the ingredients thoroughly using a fork.
      Microwave mug cake

    3. Add in the wet components, such as milk, melted butter, and vanilla extract.
      Microwave spice cake

    4. Mix everything up thoroughly. 
      Microwave spice cake

    5. Microwave for one and a half to two minutes on high.
      Microwave spice cake

    6. Enjoy.
      Microwave spice cake

    Happy cooking 


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