Ke Sukhiyan Recipe | Kerala Sugiyan Recipe | How To Make Kerala Style Suzhiyan At Home F

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Sukhiyan Recipe | Kerala Sugiyan Recipe | How To Make Kerala Style Suzhiyan At Home


Kerala sugiyan Recipe

Sukhiyan Recipe | Suzhiyan Recipe | How To Make Kerala Style Suzhiyan At Home with detailed photos.

 In Kerala, sukhiyan or suzhiyan is a traditional tea-time snack. This delightful snack is sweet, batter-fried, and adorable. This item will be displayed in a glass shelf in small teashops in Keralan villages alongside other fried and boiled delicacies like kozhukkatta, pazham pori, etc. Let's discuss its simple and easy preparation.

    Sukhiyan - About

    Green gram, jaggery, flours, and other flavoring ingredients are used to make the popular deep-fried snack known as sukhiyan in Kerala. The green gram (cherupayar in Malayalam and mung dal in Hindi ) is cooked first in its preparation. Jaggery, cardamom, and ghee are then used to flavour and sweeten it. This mixture is formed into little balls, which are then deep-fried after being covered in batter. While making the sweetened green gram mix, a small amount of coconut is occasionally added as well.

    I'm going to share my mother's recipe today. She used to prepare it for all of us almost every weekend. We both adore this food, including my brother. My mother is a fantastic cook. I try to recreate the same flavor I remember from my childhood whenever I cook traditional Keralan meals. The sukhiyan served in Kerala teashops differs slightly from this recipe. Compared to the teashop sukhiyan recipe, it is tastier and more flavorful.

    At room temperature, sukhiyan will swiftly deteriorate. Its lifespan is only about one day. If you prepared a large quantity, be sure to refrigerate the extras. You may microwave it or fried it again the following day.

    I'm not sure if kids today still enjoy these types of traditional treats. Most of them desire packaged foods, is I correct? Whatever the case, we'll make it at least once per month. My kids are really enjoying it.

    Ingredients of Sukhiyan

    • Whole green gram  - The primary component of a sukhiyan is whole green gram also known as cherupayar.

    • Jaggery - As a sweetener, jaggery is used. If you can find black jaggery, use it.

    • Ghee - Ghee is a optional ingredient. To flavor the food, ghee is added. Avoiding it will allow you to make it vegan. They won't utilize in teashop sukhiyan.

    • Cardamom - The flavoring ingredient is cardamom. Use powdered cardamom that has recently been ground.

    • Maida - When making the batter, maida is used. You can use wheat flour or rice flour for maida if you'd prefer. Refer to the chef's tips.

    • Rice flour - Rice flour will give the covering a subtle crispiness.

    • Turmeric powder - Just for color, turmeric powder is utilized. Avoid it if you prefer sukhiyan in white.

    • Water - Both while preparing the batter and when cooking the green gram, water is used.

    • Oil - For frying

    Sukhiyan Recipe - Expert's tips

    1. The softness of the cooked green gram is the most fundamental aspect to consider when preparing sukhiyan. The green gram needs to be thoroughly cooked without becoming mushy. If the green gram is overcooked, it will stick to the pan as you prepare the filling or poornam. Therefore, when cooking green gram or cherupayar in a pressure cooker, always add just enough water.
    2. Also, we can't shape a filling made of raw green gram. While frying, it will crumble.
    3. The sweetener sarkkara, sometimes known as black jaggery, is popular in Kerala. I am aware that not all places provide black jaggery, so occasionally we must make do without it. White jaggery will taste like sugar, so if you can, use black jaggery.
    4. Adjust the sweetness to your preferred level. Typically, the sukhiyan won't be very sweet but will be reasonably sweet.
    5. The batter's consistency is also important. The batter shouldn't be excessively loose or thick. Like when we made pazham pori, it should be medium thick. I think that most people won't like maida; in that case, you can substitute wheat flour or atta. My mother used rice flour to make the sukhiyan batter in the beginning (idyappam flour). The thickness of the coating is the only issue with rice flour. When rice flour is used, the flour will be slightly thicker than when maida or atta is used.
    6. Before you cook the sukhiyan, make sure the oil is hot enough. The batter will flow out and make a huge mess if the oil is not heated enough.

    How To Make Sukhiyan 

    Sukhiyan Recipe | Suzhiyan Recipe | How To Make Kerala Style Suzhiyan At Home

    Kerala Sukhiyan Recipe

    Deep fried green gram fritters

    Preparation time: 10 minutes | Cooking time:10 minutes | Total time: 20 minutes


    • 1 cup green gram (moong dal / cherupayar)
    • 1/2 to 3/4 cup  jaggery ( adjust to your taste)
    • 1/2 tsp cardamom powder
    • A pinch of salt
    • 1 cups of water
    For the batter
    • 3/4 cup all purpose flour or maida
    • 2 tbsp rice flour
    • 1/4 tsp turmeric powder or a pinch of yellow food color
    • Salt to taste
    • Water as needed
    Other ingredients
    • Oil for frying

    Preparation of Sukhiyan with step by step photos

    1. Today I prepared a small quantity of sukhiyan. The amount of green gram utilized was just one cup. You can make up to twelve sukhiyans with this amount.
      Sugiyan Recipe

    2. Greens should be well cleaned in fresh water twice or three times before being put in a pressure cooker. Pour enough water. The green gram needs to be completely submerged in water. 
      Sukhiyan recipe

    3. Using its lid, secure the pressure cooker. Cook for one whistle on a high flame and two on a low flame. 
      Sukhiyan Recipe

    4. Open the cooker and check to see if it's cooked once the pressure has subsided. If not, cook until one whistle sounds, then set aside.

    5. In the meantime, add jaggery and 1/3 cup water to a thick-bottomed sauce pan. Cook it on a low heat until the jaggery melts. This amount of water shouldn't be sufficient to completely melt the jaggery if the pan is kept over a high flame.

    6. Add the prepared jaggery syrup to the cooked green gram in the kadai. Jaggery can include impurities, so strain it to remove them.
      Sukhiyan Recipe

    7. Then, combine the ghee and cardamom powder.
      Sugiyan Recipe

    8. Cook the jaggery green gram mixture until it is completely dry.  Turn off the flame, then set aside.
      Sukhiyan Recipe

    9. We'll make the batter in the meanwhile. Put maida, rice flour, salt, and turmeric powder in a mixing bowl. 

    10. Mix well. Pour the required amount of water; it may be between a half and quarter cup. Using a wire whisk or fork, make a thick and smooth batter.

    11. Make 11 to 12 balls out of the batter once it has completely cooled.
      Sugiyan Recipe

    12.  Dip into the prepared batter and thoroughly coat. 
      Sukhiyan Recipe

    13. Put the balls gently into the heated oil. Watch out for the sukhiyan sticking together.
      Sukhiyan Recipe

    14. Turn over and finish cooking the other side once the first side is finished.
      Sugiyan Recipe

    15. Serve with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Enjoy.
      Sukhiyan Recipe

    Happy cooking

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