Ke Chakkappazham porichathu or chakkapazham pori -Ripe jackfruit fritters F

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Chakkappazham porichathu or chakkapazham pori -Ripe jackfruit fritters

Chakkapazham porichathu with detailed photos and video

I am so excited to post this dish with you friends, because I am a jackfruit lover, I love jackfruit in any form. Luckily we have a beautiful jackfruit tree in the backyard of my house. But Alas, This time, my vacation in Kerala was too short and we were back before the jackfruit ripe. We were so sad because of the nonavailability of ripe jackfruit. But luckily we got a good one last day from the well known supermarket of Chennai "Saravana". It was so sweet and tasty.

    I have already shared a few recipes of jackfruits before. But today I will share chakkapazham pori, a really tasty dish which is crispy on outside and sweet inside. The sour dosa batter and sweet jackfruit make it really mesmerizing . Unlike the traditional way of making pazham pori, I used dosa batter along with some semolina for this particular recipe, in order to get a beautiful even and crispy coating over the jackfruit. Due to the smooth texture of jackfruit, it is a little bit difficult to get an even coating over this fruit. Even though, dosa batter done this job beautifully.

    Before starting the recipe, I removed the jackfruit seeds because it is a bit difficult to get cooked. Still, some people keep the seeds in order to get the proper shape to these fritters. Small seeds also get cooked when fried. So it is up to you, if you like, you can keep them inside. While removing the jackfruit seeds, please do not disturb its shape, just make a slit on one side  and remove carefully.

    We can make side dishes with tender jackfruits, its seeds, its aril etc. Some of them are:-

    Chakka pazham pori | How to make crispy ripe jackfruit fritters

    Crispy and juicy batter fried jackfruit arils

    Preparation time: 5 minutes | Cooking time: 13  minutes  | Total time: 18 minutes


    • 10 to 15 jackfruits arils
    • 1 cup dosa or idli batter
    • 2 tablespoon semolina / rava
    • 1 tablespoon sugar (adjust depending on the taste of jackfruit and sourness of dosa batter)
    • 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder
    • Salt to taste
    • Oil for frying

    How To Make Chakkapazham porichathu - Video

    Kerala jackfruit fritters with step by step photos

    1. Put a small slit on the side of the jackfruit arils and carefully remove the seed along with its outer white covering without disturbing its shape.   
    2. Put one cup of dosa batter in a mixing bowl. Put some semolina and sugar to taste. Semolina not only gives a nice crispiness to the fritters, but also helps to keep the batter consistency right. If you are using too thin dosa or idli batter, you may need more semolina to get a nice desired thickness. We need a semi-thick batter to coat the smooth surface of jackfruit arils.
    3. Put salt to taste and turmeric powder. The turmeric powder is to get a nice yellow color. if you want, you can avoid that. 
    4. With a spoon or a whisk, mix it thoroughly till all the components blend nicely. The batter should be thick enough to coat the jackfruit arils. The thin batter will flow into the oil while frying. 
    5. Heat oil in a pan. When hot, reduce the flame to medium and make sure the oil is hot enough but not smoking hot. Smoking hot oil will leave the inner side raw while the outer coating turn crisp.
    6.  Dip each jackfruit seeds in the batter and make sure that the fruit is coated completely with the batter. If not put some more semolina and make it thick.
    7. Drop each of the jackfruit arils carefully in the hot oil. Make sure that you have left some space while dropping it otherwise, they will stick with each other. 
    8. After one minute or more, your jackfruit fritters will turn golden. Flip it and cook the other side for a few minutes till they have a nice golden brown colour. Take it out from the oil. 
    9. Serve hot and enjoy.
    Happy cooking

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