Ke Green gram sprout in three ways/ Moong dal sprout / Cherupayar mulappichathu F

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Green gram sprout in three ways/ Moong dal sprout / Cherupayar mulappichathu

Sprout making with step by step photos and video

Sprouts refers to a number of seeds of legumes after they put up their roots and shoots. Due to the vast health benefits, sprouts are considered as one of the most healthiest vegetable today. A large number of seeds are used to make sprouts. But the most common and easiest one is the green gram which we call cherupayar in Malayalam, mung dal or moong dal in Hindi. These sprouts are higher in nutrients and vitamins than their non-sprouted form. It boost metabolism, prevent anemia, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, it helps in weight loss, etc. But I recommend you to take these sprouts uncooked in the form of salads, sandwiches, etc as it loses its nutrients considerably when cooked.

    There are so many methods to sprout green gram, I will explain all the three methods which I follow.
    In the beginning, I used to make sprouts in a container. For this you need a bowl with a lid, preferably a transparent one and then water. You can also use a glass bottle for this. Sprouting needs the presence of sunlight also. So preferred to take glass bowls to get faster results.

    The second method we follow is a packet method, in which we use a wet kitchen napkin or a cotton towel. The chance of contamination is high in this method, but gives faster sprouting rate and much fresher and tastier sprouts.

    The third one is much advanced one and is with the help of a sprout maker.  The picture shown below is a sprout maker. It has a bottom tray and top lid. There will be three sprouting trays with a knob on each tray. The holes are covered with a red cap. The number of sprouting trays will vary depending on the price, but it is with the affordable range. It is also available online.  We are using this from last two years and really satisfied with this product.

     Green gram sprout making in three ways | How to make fresh and tasty  green gram sprouts at home  

    Fresh and tasty home made sprouts with green gram

    Preparation time: 5 minutes | Sprouting time: 1 to 3 days| Total time 2 days (sometimes 3 days) and 5 minutes


    • 1 cup green gram
    • Water as needed

    How to make green gram sprout - Video

    First Technique - Bowl method.

    In this method, we will make sprouts in a bowl or a container. Absolutely hygienic and effective method, especially if you don't have a sprout maker, but I feel this take more time (two to three days) to sprout compared to other two.

    1. To start with, take the green gram, clean and wash the legumes two to three times in fresh water and then transfer  into a bowl in which you want to make sprout.
    2. Pour boiled and cooled water or purified water till one inch above the legume. I will not recommend the use of tap water as this may cause contamination, especially when we consume raw as salads. 

    3. Cover with a lid and leave it over night.
    4. Next morning, the green gram will look like this. It will absorb water and you will also see some beautiful sprouts also. Drain excess water and you can also wash it once again in order to avoid bad smell. 
    5. Again cover with the lid and leave it on your kitchen counter for next one to two days where there is plenty of sunlight. But this time never close the bowl too tightly, a gentle reminder from our old school science text book, seeds need water, oxygen and sunlight for germination. So make sure that there is enough moisture within the container, if not, sprinkle some water. (especially during summer.)
    6. Next day, you will see beautifully sprouted green grams. If you want long sprouts, then you may have to keep this for one more day.

    Second technique-  The kitchen towel method.

    This is a much faster method compared to the above and the sprouts look much fresher and tastier. But don't think a hygienic one as there is a high chance of contamination when hanged.

    1. Clean the green grams and wash it thoroughly. Then soak it in water overnight with enough water. 
    2. By the next day, green grams will absorb water and is ready to make the packet. Take a clean kitchen towel or a cotton cloth. Wet it with boiled and cooled water and then remove excess water by squeezing tightly. Now you can put the soaked green grams in this wet towel. 
    3. Make a packet and then tie tightly with a thread.
    4. Then hang it near the window on the towel hanger or hook for the next one to  two days. You may need to sprinkle some water two to three times at regular intervals to retain moisture. 
    5. After one day, open it and you will see nice and beautiful sprouts.

    Third method - The sprout maker method

    This is the fastest and most hygienic method. because the sprout maker keeps the moisture intact throughout the sprouting period. So we don't need to give any extra care during this period. If you can afford a sprout maker, then I will definitely recommend this.

    1. Put the cleaned green grams in the sprout tray and spread with your hands.  You should not fill the tray completely with the legume as it need some space for sprouting.  Place this tray above the bottom tray.
    2. Pour some water and the water level should not exceed the knobs. 
    3. Then place the second tray over it (if using) and pour some water.  Make sure that the knobs of the adjacent compartments are positioned in  diametrically opposite directions
    4. Cover with the lid and set aside for next 24 hours. 
    5. Next morning, you will see some sprouts here and there and the legumes may look dry. Then you may need to add some more water to keep the moisture level intact.

    6. After the resting period, You will see the nicely sprouted legumes. 

    In this method, the green gram in the upper tray will sprout within 24 hours, but the legumes in the lower tray might take some more time.

                                                                                                                             With love

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