Ke Chakka puzhukku / Chakka vevichathu / Mashed jackfruit F

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Chakka puzhukku / Chakka vevichathu / Mashed jackfruit

Kerala style chakka puzhukku recipe with detailed photos and video

Chakka puzhukku or mashed jackfruit is a very very old traditional dish of Kerala. Raw jackfruit is an absolute carbohydrate supplement for sugar patients as it has the capacity to reduce the sugar level in Diabetic patients. The word chakka puzhukku means steamed jackfruit, chakka means jackfruit and puzhukku means steamed. Even though, it is a steamed product, we Keralites, incorporate some local spices in order to elevate its taste.

    This recipe, I got from my mother in law (ammachi) for this dish. Being a jackfruit lover, she makes this regularly at home during the summer season when ever the jackfruit matures. I know, this recipe, should be posted a little bit earlier, but what to do, I got raw jackfruit last week only. As soon as I got the jackfruit, I made the dish exactly the same way that our ammachi make, slightly spicy, mashed with a slight bite of coconut and pepper.

    Some people mash puzhukku thoroughly, especially when served with porridge (Kanji). But I love it with slight bites of the jackfruit pieces even though they get mashed. If you make chakka puzhukku with slightly ripe one, then it will give you a fantastic taste with kanji. That sweet taste along with spicy fish fry or curry is really a wonderful combination.

    It is advisable to use garlic cloves in chakka puzhukku in order to alter the digestive problems, especially for those who are suffering acidity. The use of garlic will help you to overcome the problem to an extend. Also, it alters the taste, but do not add too much garlic in the dish as it may suppress the taste and flavours of jackfruits. So let us move to the recipe and directions.

    How to make chakka puzhukku | How to make chakka vevichathu | How to make delicious mashed jackfruit at home.

    Mashed jackfruit mixed with coconut and spices

    Preparation time: 25 minutes | Cooking time :  | Total time: 


    • 1 Kg jackfruit arils with seeds
    • 1 cup coconut
    • 4 shallots
    • 8-10 garlic
    • 3 to 4 green chilies
    • 1 teaspoon pepper
    • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
    • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
    • Salt as needed
    • Water as needed

    How to make Kerala style chakka puzhukku

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    Chakka puzhukku with step by step photos

    1. To make mashed jackfruit or chakka puzhukku, we chop its arils after removing its seeds. Select matured raw jackfruits only, after cooking, it should be soft and should able to mash easily with the back of a spoon. Chop jackfruits into small pieces and keep aside.
    2. You can add the cleaned jackfruit seeds also. You have to remove the outer seed coat and then scrape the brown colored coating also. If you want, you can keep that too. These days, these brans are now considered healthy. Split into four and set side. 
    3. Take these chopped jackfruits, seeds, turmeric powder and salt in a pan. 
    4. Then add enough water to cook. I have used 1 cup water as I don't want the puzhukku too mushy and love to have with little crunchiness. If you want to mash them completely, you can add more water, also the amount of water depends on the jackfruit. If you are using well matured ones, then the seeds might need more water and time to cook. 
    5. Put some garlic cloves and curry leaves. The garlic will aid in digestion and will help to reduce acidity. 
    6. Cook covered  on medium flame till the jackfruits turn soft. Stir two to three times during cooking and take care not to stick to the bottom.
    7. Meanwhile, prepare the coconut paste. take shallots, green chilies, black pepper and cumin seeds in the chutney jar of mixer grinder.
    8. Crush it by pressing the pulse button of your mixer grinder for a second and the spices should  appear like in the picture.
    9. Then put grated coconut and pulse again. Do not make a fine paste and keep side.
    10. Check whether the jackfruit is  cooked or not. So give a nice mix, and mash the jackfruits a bit while mixing. If you want, you can mash completely with a potato masher. Then put the crushed coconut mix.
    11. Then mix well so that the coconut and jackfruit mix nicely. Then cook covered on low flame until the raw smell of the coconut vanishes.
    12. Finally, open the lid and drizzle one teaspoon coconut oil.
    13. Then cover and keep it covered for a few minutes so that the flavours distribute evenly in the pan.
    14. Then serve with fish curry or porridge. 
    Happy cooking


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