Ke Muskmelon lassi - Cantaloupe And Yogurt Drink F

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Muskmelon lassi - Cantaloupe And Yogurt Drink

Muskmelon lassi

Muskmelon Lassi with detailed and video.  It is a refreshing summer drink with cantaloupe and yogurt.

Muskmelon lassi is a highly refreshing and tasty summer drink made using the fruit muskmelon. Some people do not like its taste, but making lassi will make them addict to this wonderful fruit. Muskmelon was a new fruit to me when I came to Chennai after my marriage. Whenever I see this fruit in vegetable market, I was confused very much with pumpkin. Yes, I was considering this as a small Tamil Nadu version of pumpkin. Later it became one of the popularly seeing fruit with roadside small vendors. Once day, I bought one and combined with fruit salad and this became one of my favorite fruit there after.

    These days, we are going through continuous lock down and things are seen worse day after day. It is difficult to get groceries also. The only thing I can do now to make my blog alive is making different dishes with each and every ingredient available to me. So Trying to include more and more dishes every day and hoping for a speedy recovery from this harsh condition.

    Today, we purchased this flavorful fruit from our nearby supermarket and had curd left in my fridge. So made this lassi in order to resist this summer heat. Really a refreshing and tasty lassi, try this quick Muskmelon lassi. I have also included some other summer recipes in this blog, please go through this

    Muskmelon Lassi recipe | How to make Refreshing Muskmelon lassi at home | Method of making easy and tasty Musk melon Lassi at home

    Muskmelon lassi
    Refreshing summer drink with muskmelon

    Preparation time: 5 Minutes | Cooking time: 0 minutes | Total time: 5 Minutes


    • 1/2 portion of a well ripe musk melon (300 gram)
    • 1 cup curd
    • 2 to 3 tablespoons of sugar (or more)

    How To Make Muskmelon Lassi - Video

    Muskmelon Lassi with step by step photos and video

    Muskmelons have almost a pumpkin like texture, If you take the raw ones, it will be hard and difficult to grind. So for making lassi, we need to take Flavorful and soft good ripe fruit. 
    1. Peel off its skin with a sharp knife and then chop into small pieces. If you select ripe fruit, it will be easy to peel off, otherwise you may feel that you are removing the skin of a hard pumpkin. 
    2. Then transfer the entire content into a mixer jar along with curd and sugar. The curd should be medium sour, if it is too sour, you will need to incorporate more sugar and that is not at a healthier option. The amount of sugar depends entirely on the sweetness of muskmelon and sourness of curd. So adjust according to your taste. I used two tablespoons of sugar in this recipe.
    3. Now grind till smooth without adding water. You can add a few ice cubes if you prefer. But I don't think this is necessary, as curd itself gives a chilling effect. 

    4. The Muskmelon lassi is ready. Enjoy.

    Happy cooking

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