Ke Kal Dosa | Kal dosai | South Indian Kal dosa recipe F

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Kal Dosa | Kal dosai | South Indian Kal dosa recipe


Kal Dosa with Step by step photos and videos

Kal dosa or Kallu dosa is a popular South Indian breakfast dish made on a dosa griddle or dosa kallu. It will be slightly thicker than the regular dosa and is served with usual chutney and sambar combination. You will find the same thattu dosa or kallu dosa with street vendors in South India. A very popular dish and street vendors serve this dosa with some non-veg curry or chutney. 

    I made dosa almost two to three times a week. But I used to make this type of dosa for lunch box. Unlike the regular dosa , it will last soft for a long period of  time.  Just like other dosa batters, you have to prepare the batter previous day, should be fermented but it stays soft for a long time. Do remember, the climate affects fermentation. If making in cold weather, wrap the bowl with the prepared batter with a thick towel or keep in hot places. 

    Kal Dosa | How To Make Soft and Spongy Kerala Kal Dosa At Home | Soft And Spongy Kerala Kal Dosa

    Soft and Spongy Indian Flat Bread


    • 1 cup raw rice 
    • 1/3 cup whole deskinned black gram (uzhunnu / urad dal)
    • 1/4 teaspoon fenugreek seeds
    • 1/4 cup cooked rice
    • Salt to taste
    • Water as needed
    • Gingelly oil for greasing

    How To Make Kal Dosa - Video

     Kal dosa Recipe With Step by Step Photos 

    1. Soak raw rice, split whole gram and fenugreek seeds in a bowl. I used dosa rice for this recipe so that we get a soft textured dosa.

    2.  Add water and leave it for at least five to six hours. The water should be one inch above the grains.

    3. After six hours, wash the rice in running fresh water till the water runs clear. Transfer the entire content in the grinding jar of mixer grinder. Add cooked rice. Do not skip cooked rice, as this ingredient is must for a soft dosa.
    4. Pour enough water. The water level should be at the same level of the rice. We can add water while grinding. Do not pour more water at this stage. 

    5. Grind smooth and transfer to a steel bowl. The batter should have idli batter like consistency. Do not make it too runny. Keep aside for overnight fermentation or for eight to ten hours. 

    6. Next morning, you will find the batter nicely fermented and double in volume. Put salt to taste. 
    7. Mix well.

    8. Heat a dosa tawa or griddle over high flame, when hot, reduce the flame to medium. Grease the pan with gingelly oil.

    9.  Pour half cup of the batter and spread gently. Make a thick circle or pancake.
    10. Wait for one or two minutes, then Flip and cook the other side also. The upper side will be cooked, partially at this stage.

    11. Cook for one minute. 

    12. Serve hot with coconut chutney and sambar. Enjoy.
      kal dosa 

    Happy cooking

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