Ke Kaypola | Kayapola | kaipola | Pazham Pola | Malabar Snack Banana Pola Recipe F

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Kaypola | Kayapola | kaipola | Pazham Pola | Malabar Snack Banana Pola Recipe

Kaypola, kaipola or banana pola recipe with step by step photos and video

Kaypola or Kayapola is a well-known Malabar special snack made with banana and eggs. This sweet dish is generally served during iftar evenings. A really special and tasty snack, I am sharing with you friends. Relatively easy cooking procedure, but you should follow them correctly. 

    Banana nendran is used for making banana pola. The kay or kai denote a popular banana in Kerala. It is large and firm fiber rich banana. Another name of this banana is ethappazham, so you may hear the name ethappazham pola outside Malabar. 

    Things to remember while making banana pola /kaipola

    1. Ripe but firm bananas are used to make kay pola. Only Nendran is used, no other varieties are suitable for this dish.
    2. Next ingredient used for making kaipola is eggs. Size of banana determines the quantity of eggs used. For two small bananas, we need only three eggs, but if the banana is large then use four medium sized eggs. 
    3. Whole cooking should be done over low flame, direct heat should not come directly to the cooking pan. This is a highly risky dish, high chance to burn eggs at bottom. 
    4. This dish can be made on stove top as well as in the oven. Time of cooking depends on the size of pan and quantity of ingredients you use. 
    Just giving some tricks to get perfectly cooked kai pola, trust me, this recipe is quite easy. For any doubts, you can visit my YouTube channel amruthethu. The video will be in my native language, but English subtitles are also given. 

    Malabar Special Kaipola Recipe | Kaipola or Pazham pola | How To Make Kerala Style Banana Milk Pola recipe

    Malabar kai pola

    Baked banana milk cake

    Preparation time: 5 minutes | Cooking time:20 minutes | Total time: 25 minutes

    Ingredients for Kaypola

    1. 2 medium ripe Nendran bannana (ethappazham / nedrapa pazham)
    2. 3 medium sized eggs (Or 4 eggs if using large banana, number of eggs varies depending on the size of the banana)
    3. 1/4 cup sugar
    4. 2 tbsp milk or 2 tbsp milk powder dissolved in water
    5. 2 cardamom
    6. 3 tbsp ghee + extra for greasing
    7. a pinch of salt

    How to Make Malabar kaypola - Video

    How To Prepare Malabar Special Kay Pola At Home

    1. As I said in the intro section, Kai pola is made using a large firm variety of banana, Nendran. Take ripe one, but should not use over ripe bananas. The banana pieces should retain its size in the end product also. For this recipe, I used two ripe nedran bananas.
      Nendran for Kay pola

    2. Peel the skin and cut into small pieces as shown below.
      Malabar Special Kaypola - Chopped banana 

    3. Heat two to three tablespoons of ghee in a pan, when hot fry cashews.
      Malabar Kaipola - Frying cashews

    4. When the cashews are half done and changes its color, add raisins.
      Malabar Kaipola - frying cashews and raisins

    5. Wait till the raisins plumps up. Transfer into a clean bowl and keep aside.
      Malabar Kaipola - Fried cashews and raisins

    6. In the same pan, put chopped banana and cook over medium flame. Stir with soft hands, the banana pieces should not break or mashed. 
      Malabar Kaipola - Chopped banana

    7. Within minutes, the banana cubes will turn soft, will start to stick together and will get a nice golden yellow color.
      Malabar Kaipola - Stir fried Nendran

    8. Transfer into a clean bowl and keep aside. Let it cool down a little bit.
       Malabar Kaipola - Banana is ready

    9.  Take eggs, sugar, milk, cardamom and salt in a mixer grinder. Milk is optional and the amount of sugar and eggs should adjusted considering the size and taste of banana.
      Malabar Kaipola - Ingredients for blending

    10. Blend till the sugar dissolve and pour in the sautéed banana.
      Malabar Kaipola - Egg mix and banana

    11. Add half of fried cashews and raisins. Do not skip these ingredients, these are the taste boosters in kaipola. Do remember to save a few for garnishing. Give a gentle mix.
      Malabar Kaipola - Egg mix with fired dry fruits and raisins

    12. Take a small thick bottomed saucepan. Grease the pan with ghee. 
      Malabar Kaipola - Greasing the saucepan

    13. Pour the prepared mix in the saucepan and cover with its lid.
      Malabar Kaipola - cooking starts

    14. Let it cook over low flame for one minute, when the pan turns hot, transfer the pan onto a dosa griddle or a non-stick pan so that the pan with kaypola does not get direct heat.
      Malabar Kaipola - Cooking kaipola over low heat

    15. When half done, open the pan and add the leftover cashews and raisins on top.
      Malabar Kaipola - Garnished with fried dry fruits

    16. Continue to cook on low flame till the pola cook perfectly. The pola will attain light yellow color on top and will turn firm. You can check with a skewer or toothpick. Just insert toothpick in the pola, if come out clean, then it is cooked. Otherwise, cook for two more minutes. Never increase the flame, the egg will burn very quickly at high temperature. It will take almost ten to fifteen minutes to cook, but the cooking time will vary depending on the size of the pan used. 
      Malabar Kaipola - Checking kaypola

    17. Then transfer very slowly and gently into another greased pan and cook the top side also. This step is optional, do only if you are looking for a light brown shade on top.
      Malabar Kaipola - Cooking top side

    18. Cut into small pieces and serve. The prepared kaipola will look like this. Taste good when hot.
      Kaipola is ready

    19. Serve hot and enjoy.
      Kaypola is ready

    Happy cooking

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