Ke Sharjah Shake Recipe | Sharjah Ice Cream Shake Recipe | Sharjah Milk Shake Recipe F

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Sharjah Shake Recipe | Sharjah Ice Cream Shake Recipe | Sharjah Milk Shake Recipe

Sharjah shake

Sharjah Shake with detailed Photos and Video

Sharjah shake or Kerala style banana milkshake I am sharing today. This brings back the golden memories of my college days. I am recreating the taste of Kerala cool bar style Sharjah shake recipe that shine in my memory.

    What is Sharjah shake?

    Sharjah shake is a popular milk shake made with milk, nuts and banana. You can see this milkshake in almost all the Kerala restaurant menus. It is a refreshing summer drink. You will feel belly full after consuming this delicious milkshake.  

    Preparation of Sharjah shake is quite simple and easy, just concentrate on the proportion of ingredients you use. It should come out in thick consistency and you may doubt at first time, whether this shake is made with semolina or not. Really a delicious shake and we friends were fans of this delicious milkshake during our college days. We used to engulf this sweet, deliciously during hot summer. It can be prepared with or without ice-cream. Today's recipe, is Sharjah ice-cream shake. But you can make the same recipe without ice-cream also. 

    Tips to Make Perfect Sharjah shake

    1. Rasakadali, playalamkodan or njalipoovan bananas are commonly used for Sharjah shake. Robesta or  Nedran is not suitable for this dish.
    2.  In cool bars, frozen pasteurized milk packets directly used for this shake. But for home use we don't prefer to consume milk directly even though it is pasteurized. You can boil milk, cool down completely and the freeze milk one day before preparation.
    3. Do not replace Horlicks with any other malt powder. In this recipe, I am sharing the Kerala cool bar style Sharjah Shake recipe. Many websites recommend to use any other brands of malt powder of your choice, but I won't recommend that. 
    4. You can top this shake with ice- cream or boost. Sometimes, boost is also used to garnish the ice cream shake.

    Sharjah Shake | Sharjah Ice-cream shake Recipe | How to Make Kerala Cool Bar Style Sharjah Shake At Home

    Kerala style banana milkshake

    Preparation time: 5 minutes | Cooking time: 0 minutes | Total time: 5 minutes

    Ingredients of Sharjah shake

    •  1/2 litre milk (frozen and boiled or pasteurized)
    • 2 small bananas (elangi / palayamthodan or njalipoovan)
    • 2 tsp Horlicks
    • 5 to 6 cashews
    • Two to three dates
    • 1 scoop vanilla ice-cream / 1 tsp vanilla essence / 1 tsp vanilla ice-cream powder
    • 2.5 tsp sugar (to your taste)
    • A few cashew nuts
    • A few dates
    • One or two scoop full of vanilla ice cream 
    • One cherry for topping
    1 teaspoon boost

    How To Make Sharjah Shake At home - Video

    Sharjah shake recipe with step by step photos

    Making Sharjah shake is quite simple and it takes only less than five minutes.
    1. Peel off the banana skin and discard. Then chop into small pieces. Transfer into the grinder or juicer jar of your mixer grinder. You can use palayamkodan or rasakadali  or njali poovan. Do not use robesta or nedran.

    2. Grind into smooth paste without adding milk or water. If you feel any difficulty in grinding, you can add one or two tablespoons of milk. 
    3. Once you complete the grinding process, you can add the frozen milk. Break the frozen milk cube using mortar and pestle or chapathi stick before use. This will make the grinding process easier.

    4. Add Horlicks, chopped cashews and dates. Put one scoop of vanilla ice-cream or ice cream powder. Grind till smooth.
    5. The milkshake should have a grainy consistency at this stage.

    6. Do a taste taste, add sugar to your taste and grind again.
    7. Fill half of a serving glass with prepared milk shake, put chopped nuts and dates.

    8. Fill the remaining portion with milk shake and place one or two scoops of vanilla ice cream and cherry. Otherwise, put some boost and serve.

    9. Enjoy.

                                                                                       Happy cooking 

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