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Vedakka mezhukkupuratti Recipe | Ladyfinger stir fry recipe | Kerala Style Okra stir fry | How to avoid sliminess of ladyfinger | Name of Ladyfinger in Different Indian Languages

Kerala side dish vendakka mezhukkupuratti
vendakka mezhukkupuratti

Vendakka mezhukkupuratti or ladyfinger stir fry with detailed photos and video.

Vendakka mezhukkupuratti is a very common side dish made in Kerala kitchen with ladyfinger or okra. The key in its preparation is to make a non-sticky perfectly cooked ladyfinger stir fry with less oil. Let us learn the tips and tricks for a perfect non-sticky ladyfinger stir fry.

    What is Vendakka?

    Vendakka is the Malayalam name of ladyfinger. It is a common ingredient of Kerala side dishes. This vegetable can be easily grown in our backyard. It will give enough fruit for our side dishes within a month.  The young ones can be eaten raw where as the matured ones used to make different curries, snacks and side dishes. Really a nutritious vegetable, diabetic friendly and fiber rich. For more information, please visit my post on Lady's finger - General information, health benefits and cooking tips

    What are the names of ladyfinger in different Indian languages ?

    Malayalam - Vendakka

    Tamil - Vendakkai

    Kannada - Bendekai

    Telugu - Benda kai

    Hindi- Bhindi

    Gujarathi - Bhinda

    Marathi - Bhendi

    Oriya - Bhendi

    Panjabi - Bhindi

    How to avoid sliminess of ladyfinger easily?

    Sliminess of ladyfinger is the main reason why kids don't like to have this healthy and tasty vegetable. We can avoid this sliminess very easily. 

    Why ladyfinger turns sticky or slimy?

    If you understand, how the sliminess comes in ladyfinger, it will be easier for you to avoid the sliminess. The sliminess or sticky nature of ladyfinger is due to the  presence of a mucilage inside this vegetable. When this mucilage comes in contact with water, it naturally turns slimy. So it will be better if you avoid contact of the chopped lady finger with water.

    Tips to avoid sliminess of vendakka or okra

    1. Wash the vegetable in water thoroughly, drain excess water and keep in colander till the ladyfinger/okra turns dry. You can pat dry with a kitchen towel. Then chop finely using a neat and dry cutting board and knife.
    2. Cook in an open pan for a few minutes or until the stickiness leaves
    3. Also avoid using salt in the beginning, addition of salt will make the juices from the ladyfinger to ooze out making the stir fry slimy. Use salt only in the middle of cooking.
    4. Some people say, the use of any acidic ingredients like curd, vinegar or tamarind will also prevent sliminess. Sorry, I never tried. 

    How to make vendakka mezhukkupuratti?

    Vendakka mezhukkupuratti preparation is very simple and easy. The finely chopped ladyfinger is sautéed in coconut oil first. Then seasoned with dried red chilies, shallots and curry leaves. 

    Serving options for vendakka mezhukkupuratti....

    You can serve vendakka mezhukkupuratti for lunch or dinner along with steamed rice or chappathi. It was a regular lunch box item for me and my friends during our school days.

    Vendakka mezhukkupuratti Recipe | Ladyfinger stir fry recipe | Kerala Style Okra stir fry

    Stir fried and spiced lady finger Kerala style

    Preparation time:20 minutes | Cooking time:15 minutes | Total time:35 minutes


    • 1/4 kg ladyfinger | vendakka | Bhindi
    • 5 to 6 shallots 
    • 6 to 7 dried red chilies (adjust to your tolerance)
    • 1 spring of fresh curry leaves
    • Salt to taste
    • Coconut oil as needed

    How To Make Vendakka Mezhukkupuratti Video

    Preparation of Kerala Vendakka mezhukkupuratti with step by step photos 

    1. Use fresh and tender and soft ladyfinger/okra for making mezhukkupuratti. 

    2. Wash it thoroughly with fresh water and keep in a colander for a few minutes or till the extra water drains up.(Do this step before chopping)

    3. Pat dry using a kitchen towel.

    4. Trim both edges of ladyfinger with a sharp knife.

    5.  Then chop into thin round pieces as shown.

    6. Heat oil in a pan. I used coconut oil for this recipe because we prefer to use coconut oil for majority of Kerala dishes. 

    7. Put chopped ladyfinger. Sauté and cook in the open pan with continuous sautéing over high flame for two to three minutes. Then reduce the flame to medium and cook till it turns dry and nonstick. Never add salt at this stage. Use salt in the middle of cooking or while sautéing with the spices.

    8. Close the lid and continue cooking the ladyfinger till nicely done. Keep the flame on low. If you close the lid in the beginning, the ladyfinger will turn slimy due to the moisture entrapped within the closed pan. 

    9. Meanwhile, crush shallots and dried red chilies using a mixer grinder or with a mortar and pestle.

    10. Open the lid and check whether the ladyfinger is cooked or not.. Transfer ladyfinger into a small pan or keep on the side as shown in the photo. Pour one tablespoon coconut oil and put the crushed spices. Sauté till the spices are nicely roasted.

    11. Then mix with lady's finger. Put enough salt and curry leaves.

    12. Sauté for a few minutes and switch off the flame. 

    13. Enjoy with rice.

    Stay home, stay safe & Happy cooking    

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