Ke Cheera Thoran | Kerala Cheera Thoran Recipe | How To Make Cheera Thoran Easily | Cheera thoran with Green amaranths F

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Cheera Thoran | Kerala Cheera Thoran Recipe | How To Make Cheera Thoran Easily | Cheera thoran with Green amaranths

 Kerala cheera thoran with detailed photos and video.

Kerala cheera thoran is the Kerala style Amaranths stir fry. This dish serves as a side dish for lunch. The fresh red or green amaranths, coconut and some local spices are its ingredients. Cheera thoran is considered as a healthy recipe and elders always suggest us to include this dish in our daily menu. Today, let us discuss the preparation of Kerala style cheera thoran recipe.

    What is cheera thoran?

    Cheera thoran is a popular Kerala style stir fried amaranths. The cleaned and drained amaranth is cooked with coconut and spices. It is then tempered with coconut oil, mustard seeds and curry leaves. Usually, red amaranths is used prepare the thoran. Unfortunately, red amaranth is a rare vegetable in Tamil Nadu. So I always forced to make cheera thoran with green spinach only. I think red spinach thoran is tastier than the green one and always my favorite too.

    The name cheera thoran denote spinach stir fry where the Malayalam word cheera stands for spinach and thoran translates to stir fry.  

    Cheera in different languages

    English - Amaranthus

    Hindi - Chowlai

    Malayalam - Cheera

    Tamil - Keerai

    Telugu - Totakura

    Marathi - lal math (red)

    Cheera thoran - Experts tips

    1. Fresh amaranth directly from our kitchen garden is always giving the best taste. But it is not always possible for everyone, but make sure you buy fresh spinach and used on the same day of purchase. Otherwise, keep the spinach in the refrigerator and use within one or two days. Storing the amaranth in plastic bags will prevent the wilting for more than four to five days. 
    2. Wash the amaranths thoroughly in fresh cold water before use, make sure the you removed the dirt, soil and wilted leaves. 
    3. Drain water completely after washing. Keep the washed leaves in a colander for some time. If you have used the spinach immediately after washing, the thoran will turn soggy and tasteless. 
    4. Red cheera thoran is tastier than the green one. If possible, try with red amaranth. 
    5. Always make sure the leaves are cooked and no extra water left in the pan before putting the coconut mixture. 

    Cheera Thoran | Kerala Cheera Thoran Recipe | How To Make Cheera Thoran Easily | Cheera thoran with Green amaranths

    Kerala Style stir fried amaranths

    Preparation time: 30 minutes | Cooking time: 15 minutes | Total time:45 minutes


    • 1 medium bunch of red or green cheera (amaranth)
    • 3/4 cup coconut
    • 5 to 6 shallots
    • 3 to 4 green chilies
    • 1/4 tsp cumin seeds
    • 1 dried red chili
    • 1 spring curry leaves
    • 1/2 tsp mustard seeds
    • 2 tbsp coconut oil
    • Salt to taste

    Kerala Cheera thoran Recipe With Step By Step Photos

    Both red and green amaranth can be used to make cheera thoran. In my locality, red cheera thoran is most popular. We won't go for green colored amaranth unless and until it is not available. Use fresh spinach for making thoran. If wilted, put the spinach in ice cold water and wait till the leaves retain its moisture. 

    1. Wash the amaranth thoroughly in fresh water, remove weeds, dirt and wilted leaves. Keep in a colander for sometime, so that the water drains from leaves. Then chop the leaves and young stems finely. Matured hard stems of spinach is not suitable for thoran. But you can use them in sambar and avial.

    2. Heat oil in a pan, when the oil turns hot put mustard seeds. The mustard seeds will crackle immediately.

    3. Put one dried red chili and one spring curry leaves. 

    4. When the crackling sound stops, add the chopped amaranths and salt to taste. 

    5. Mix well and cook covered over low flame for three to four minutes or till the leaves turn soft and cooked. 

    6. Meanwhile, take coconut, green chilies, turmeric powder and cumin seeds in the small jar or mixer grinder.

    7. Crush coarsely and set aside. Grind the coconut without adding water and the should never grind till smooth.

    8. When the amaranth cooked to perfection, open the lid and check whether any extra water left in the pan. If any, cook on open pan till the water evaporates fully. 

    9. Further add the coconut spice mix.

    10. Stir well.

    11. Again cook over low heat with the lid on for two to three minutes or till the raw smell of coconut vanishes.

    12. Serve with rice for lunch or dinner. Enjoy.

     Happy cooking

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