Ke Unakka mulaku chammathi Recipe | South Indian Red Chili Chutney Recipe | Kerala Red Chili Chutney for Dosa And Idli F

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Unakka mulaku chammathi Recipe | South Indian Red Chili Chutney Recipe | Kerala Red Chili Chutney for Dosa And Idli

Unakka mulaku chammanthi recipe with detailed photos and video.

Unakka mulaku chammanthi or simply mulaku chammanthi is a delicious savory condiment of Kerala, South India. This quick and easy chutney is  bursting with flavors and can be used with dosa or idli. Today let us see, how to make Kerala mulaku chammathi at home for dosa and idli.

    Why the name unakka mulaku chammanthi?

    Unakka mulaku chammanthi says this chutney uses dried red chilies. In Malayalam unakka mulaku means dried red chilies and chammanthi stands for chutney or condiment. 

    How to Make Kerala Unakka mulaku chammanthi at home?

    Unakka mulaku chammanthi is an example of the coconut free Kerala recipe. This vegan chutney uses dried red chilies and shallots as the main ingredients. Instead of shallots, you can use big onions also. But shallots gives the best taste and also a nice sweetness to our chutney. Addition of tamarind is to get a beautiful sourness to our dish. Use chilies and tamarind is to your taste, I have given only a rough measurement in the ingredient section. Both the ingredients should be adjusted considering its strength.  This is one of the oldest recipes of Kerala, which uses minimal ingredients and cooking techniques. It is also known by the names ulli chammanthi or ulli mulaku chammanthi in some parts of Kerala.

    Unakka mulaku chammanthi - Experts suggestions

    1. Both big onions and shallots can be used to make this chutney. 
    2. While cooking the onion, just fry them till they turn soft. Overcooking will make the shallots dry and bitter. 
    3. The color and heat comes from the type of red chilies you use. If looking for less heat and bright color, then Kashmiri red chilies are the best. But in this recipe I used normal chilies.

    Serving suggestions

    There are so many versions of Unakkamulaku chammanthi In Kerala. Some chutneys are served with rice, some with boiled tapioca, but today's recipe is a breakfast side dish and is normally served with idli and dosa. 

    Unakka mulaku chammathi Recipe | South Indian Red Chili  Chutney Recipe  | Kerala Red Chili Chutney for Dosa And Idli

    Spicy and delicious condiment with onion

    Preparation time: 5 minutes | Cooking time: 3 minutes | Total time: 8 minutes


    • 12 dried red chilies
    • 30 shallots, peeled
    • Small gooseberry shaped tamarind
    • Salt to taste
    • 2 tbsp coconut oil

    How to make unakka mulaku chammanthi - Video

    Unakka mulaku chammanthi Recipe With Step by Step Photos 

    Step 1: Sautéing the spices 
    1. Heat oil in a pan. When the oil turns hot, put dried red chilies. I used twelve red chilies. But do adjust its amount to your taste.

    2. Sauté well over low heat till the chilies turn crisp and crunchy. Transfer to a dry bowl and set aside.

    3. In the same pan, put peeled and halved shallots. 

    4. Sautee till the shallots turns translucent. Switch off the flame and wait till the spices come to room temperature.

    Step 2: Grinding
    1. Once the chilies come to room temperature, you can start grinding. Transfer the chilies into the small jar of of mixer grinder and powder it.

    2. Then put shallots, tamarind and salt to taste.

    3. Grind smoothly without adding water. The moisture in the onion will be enough to make the chutney. Addition of water will make the chutney tasteless.

    4. Serve with dosa or idli.

    Happy Cooking

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