Ke Cherupayar Curry Kerala Style | Cherupayar Curry For Puttu | Green Gram Curry With Coconut For Puttu F

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Cherupayar Curry Kerala Style | Cherupayar Curry For Puttu | Green Gram Curry With Coconut For Puttu


Kerala cherupayar  curry
with detailed photos and video.

Today, we have an easy to make traditional Kerala breakfast side dish, cherupayar curry. This recipe is an awesome combination with puttu and appam.  Green gram, coconut and spices are its main ingredients. It forms a delicious combo with puttu and pappadam just like puttu and kadala curry. Try this recipe and serve with puttu or appam.

    Cherupayar curry - About

    Cherupayar curry is a Kerala side dish. The cherupayar in Malayalam stands for green gram. Green gram, coconut and spices are its main ingredients. This moderately spicy Kerala gray is normally served in breakfast for puttu and appam. Cherupayar curry with puttu and pappadam is a lip-smacking combo. 

    Preparation of cherupayar curry is quite easy. The boiled green gram is first mixed with spicy coconut paste. It is then boiled till thick and further tempered with curry leaves and other spices. 

    Cherupayar curry - Tips and Tricks

    1. Soaking the green gram previous night will help to reduce the gastric issues. The soaked green gram will cook fast, if so cook for only one whistle.
    2. Try to use freshly ground coconut for better taste and flavor.
    3. Add coconut paste only when the green gram attains the right consistency. Normally semi-thick consistency is correct for this curry. Too much gravy will spoil its taste and texture. 

    Cherupayar Curry - Serving suggestions

    1. Puttu and cherupayar curry is a delicious combination. Serve with one pappadam also.
    2. Another combo is with appam
    3. Sometimes I serve this delicious cherupayar curry for poori.

    Cherupayar  Curry Kerala Style | Cherupayar Curry Kerala Style For Puttu And Appam | How To Make Kerala Green Gram Curry For Puttu

    Green gram Stewed in Coconut sauce

    Preparation time: 10 minutes | Cooking time: 15 minutes | Total time: 25 minutes


    • 1 cup green gram (moong dal / cherupayar
    • Water as needed
    • Salt to taste
    To grind

    • 3/4 cup freshly grated coconut
    • 3 to 4 green chilies
    • 4 to 5 shallots
    • 1/2 tsp cumin seeds

    To Temper

    • 3 tbsp coconut oil
    • 2 to 3 dried red chilies
    • 3 shallots, peeled and sliced
    • 1 spring curry leaves

    How To Make Cherupayar Curry - Video

    Cherupayar Curry With Step by Step Photos

    1. Wash the green gram two to three times in fresh water and transfer in a pressure cooker.

    2. Add enough water. Water level should come above the pulse. 

    3. Cook over high flame for one whistle. After the first whistle, reduce the flame and wait for two more whistles. Then switch off and set aside.
    4. In a mixing jar, grind freshly ground coconut along with green chilies, shallots, turmeric powder, cumin seeds and water. 

    5. Grind into a smooth paste.

    6. Heat one small pan over medium flame and pour one or two teaspoons of coconut oil. When the oil turns hot, put mustard seeds.

    7. As soon as the crackling sound stops, put one spring of curry leaves and dried red chilies. Sauté for one minute.
    8. Put chopped shallots and cook till the shallots turns light brown.

    9. Transfer the cooked green gram into a wok. Put salt to taste. Pour water if needed.

    10. Add the prepared coconut paste. 

    11. Cook till the raw smell of coconut disappears. Serve with puttu or appam.

    12. Enjoy.

    Happy Cooking


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