Ke Unakka Chemmen Chammanthi | Spicy And Sour Kerala Dried Prawns Chutney | Kerala Chutney Recipe F

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Unakka Chemmen Chammanthi | Spicy And Sour Kerala Dried Prawns Chutney | Kerala Chutney Recipe


Unakkachemmeen chammanthi recipe with detailed photos and video.

Unakkachemmeen chammathi is an old Kerala condiment. Dried prawns and coconut are its main ingredients. There are so many methods to make Kerala unakkachemmen chammathi. Today's dish is not only spicy, but also sour and flavorful too. Let us discuss today this quick and easy recipe in details.

    Unakkachemmen chammanthi - About

    Unakkachemmen chammanthi, the name itself says that this Kerala condiment is made with dry prawns. In Malayalam unakka means dry, chemmeen stands for prawns and chammanthi means condiments. 

    Unakkachemmen chammanthi is an example of Kerala dry condiment. These type of chammanthies are made as a side for rice and kanji. An old recipe which has been recreated with new equipment's. As I mentioned in the intro section, the main ingredients are prawns and coconut. Major part of its taste is dedicated to quality of the prawns and the coconut. Use matured coconut for this recipe. The heat comes from green chilies. Indian scam plum or lubica is used for the sour taste. Both lubica, coconut and shallots help to keep the chammathi moist.

    Unakkachemmen chammanthi - How to make

    Making unakkachemmen chammanthi is quite easy. The cleaned prawns are dry roasted till crisp and aromatic. It is further powdered in a mixer grinder. Then again grind with the coconut, chilies, lubica and salt. 

    Unakkachemmen Chammanthi - Expert's tips

    1. The cleaned dry prawns should be dry roasted and powdered before putting the spices and coconut.
    2. Try to use matured coconuts. Unmatured or tender coconut is not suitable for this dish.
    3. Just like any other coconut chutneys, this dish also has a shorter life span. It should be consumed on the same day of preparation. Otherwise, refrigerate it. 
    4. Adjust the amount of lubica (Indian scam plum) and chilies to your taste.
    5. No water should be used. If you want to increase the moisture, use shallots.

    Unakka chemmen chammanthi - Serving Options

    Serve with rice or kanji.

    Kerala Unakkachemmen Chammathi | Dry Prawns Recipes | Kerala Chutney Recipes

    Kerala coconut chuteny with dry prawns

    Preparation time:10 mintues | Cooking time: 3 mintues | Total time: 13 minutes


    • 15 gm dry prawns, cleaned
    • 1 cup coconut
    • 1 or 2 green chilies
    • 4 to 5 shallots
    • 4 to 5 Indian scam plum / lubikka or loovikka or lololikka
    • Salt to taste
    • 1/2 tsp coconut oil (optional)

    How To Make Kerala Unakka Chemmen Chammanthi

    Unakka Chemmen Chammanthi Preparation With Step By Step Photos

    1. Remove the head, legs and tail of dried prawns. (Note: If you wish to wash the prawns, do it before removing its parts. Sun dry it again and then use).

    2. Heat a thick bottomed pan over high heat. When the pan turns hot, reduce the flame to medium or low and put the dried prawns.

    3. Dry roast the prawns with continuous stirring, till the prawns turn aromatic and crisp.

    4. Transfer to a dry mixer jar.

    5. Powder it.

    6. Put green chilies, shallots and lubikka (Indian scam plum).

    7. Crush it using the pulse button of your mixer grinder.

    8. Put one cup coconut and salt to taste.

    9. Crush again. Do a taste test, add salt if required. Finally drizzle some fresh coconut oil and mix well.

    10. Enjoy.

    Happy Cooking

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