Ke Madakku Chapathi | Folded Roti Recipe | How To Make Indian Folded Bread F

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Madakku Chapathi | Folded Roti Recipe | How To Make Indian Folded Bread


Madakku Chapathi | Folded Roti is an altered form of regular Indian flat brad, chapathi. It lies somewhere between chapati and porotta. Very tasty and crispy dish which we should try in our Kitchen. Let's learn today, the preparation of madakku chapathi.

    Madakku chapati - About

    Madakku chapati is an elevated form of normal roti. I think somebody got inspiration from the Kerala porata and invented an easy recipe with wheat flour. 

    To make the madakku chapathi, the dough is made with wheat flour. It is then rolled and folded after applying a few drops of oil so that we get beautiful layered paratha after the final flattening and cooking.

    Cooking time of this chapati is very less but you need at least one hour of resting time. So prepare the batter previously so that you can serve hot within a time of ten to fifteen minutes. 

    It is a rich and tasty, ideal for kid's lunch box. You can serve this with any veg or non-veg curry. But I think, madakku chapathi with chana masala is a delectable combo.

    Madakku chapathi- Expert's tips

    1. For madakku chapathi preparation, fine or smooth wheat flour is the best option. With home-made wheat flour, may be due to the increased fiber content, the texture won't build up.
    2. Enough ghee or vanaspathi should be applied to get beautiful layered paratha. You can also sprinkle some wheat flour after applying oil.
    3. This paratha is thick, so need a little more time to cook. Do cook over medium heat so that the inner layers also cook to perfection.

    Madakku chapathi - Serving options

    Madakku chapathi can be served with any spicy veg or non-veg curry. You can also try our
    1. Egg curry
    2. Varutharacha chicken curry
    3. Butter paneer masala

                 How to make madakku chapathi

    Madakku Chapathi | Folded Roti Recipe | How To Make Indian Folded Bread

    Layered flat bread

    Preparation time : 1 hour 20 minutes | Cooking time : 10 minutes


    • 2 cup wheat flour
    • 1/2 cup vanaspathi / ghee / oil
    • Salt to taste
    • Water as needed
    • Wheat flour for dusting and layering

    Preparation of madakku chapathi with step by step pictures

    1. Take wheat flour and salt in a bowl and mix well.

    2. Put water little by little and make a thick and soft dough just like chapathi dough.

    3. Cover with a lid and set aside for one hour.

    4. After one hour make lemon sized balls out of it.

    5. Dust the chapati board with wheat flour and roll the ball into thin disc.

    6. Apply vanapathi / dalda on one side.

    7. Fold half way through

    8.  and fold it again.

    9. Roll again into thin squares.

    10. Cook it on a hot iron griddle. When one side is cooked, flip and cook the other side also.

    11. Serve hot with any non-veg or veg curry and enjoy.

    Happy cooking


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