Ke Easy Kerala Appam recipe | Easy Appam Batter Recipe | What To Do If Forget to Soak Rice For Kerala Appam F

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Easy Kerala Appam recipe | Easy Appam Batter Recipe | What To Do If Forget to Soak Rice For Kerala Appam

Kerala Appam Recipe, I already posted the traditional appam recipe a few years ago, which include soaking and grinding the ingredients in the previous night. In the next morning, the thin and soft appam is prepared with fermented batter. But, what to do if we forget to soak the rice? Yes, this post will give you a foolproof solution. It will give the same soft and fluffy appam.

    What is Kerala appam ? 

    Kerala appam or palappam is the soft rice pancake of Kerala. It is prepared with fermented batter. If batter is properly fermented and in right consistency, the appam will have a thick and fluffy center, which will be bordering with a thin, light and crisp lace.

    But this type of appam needs about a ten hours of preparations such as soaking the rice, grinding and overnight fermentation. Today's method also includes all these three steps. But Soaking and fermentation will take place at the same time, the next day only we will prepare the batter for appam. You can make appam forty five to one hour after the batter preparation.

    Appam and Its Ingredients

    Rice : Appam is a rice based dish. Any good quality raw rice can be used. I use both idli rice and dosa rice, both work fine for me.

    Cooked rice : Cooked rice helps to soften the appam. Instead of this you can use the same quantity of flattened rice / aval / poha.

    Yeast: Yeast is for fermentation. Make sure yeast is within the expiry period. If you like, you can activate the yeast before use. Just mix the yeast in lukewarm water and sugar. If forth is formed within ten minutes, then the yeast is alive. Otherwise, use fresh packet.

    Sugar : Sugar is to activate the yeast fermentation and for taste

    Coconut: Coconut for flavor and taste.

    Appam Recipe - Expert's tips

    1. The quality of rice affects the softness of appam. Use good quality raw rice.
    2. Wash the rice thoroughly before soaking. 
    3. The yeast should be properly stored and should be within the expiry period.
    4. Fermentation time may vary depending on the atmospheric conditions.
    5. Never stack the appam one above another, it will stick together quickly. So Keep the hot appam separately in a separate plate for a few minutes, let it cool a bit, then you can keep it one above another.

    Serving suggestions for appam

    Appam and vegetable stew is the most popular combination. It is the best option for vegans. But use of chicken, mutton and beef stew is also very normal. You can also serve it with any Kerala style chicken or egg curry. 

    What to do if we forget to soak the rice?

    Easy Kerala Appam recipe | Easy Appam Batter Recipe  | What To Do If Forget to Soak Rice For Kerala Appam

    Kerala rice pancake

    Preparation time: 8 hours | Cooking time: 15 minutes | Total time: 8 hours 15 minutes


    • 2 cups of raw rice or idli rice
    • 1 cup cooked rice
    • 3/4 cup coconut
    • 3 tablespoon table sugar
    • 1/2 teaspoon yeast
    • Water as needed
    • Salt to taste

    What to do if we forget to soak the rice? - With Step by step Photos

    1. Take 2 cups raw rice in a bowl. 

    2. Wash it two to three times or till the water runs clear. This is an important step, please do it before starting the preparation.

    3. Put cooked rice and sugar. 

    4. Add water. The water level should be one inch above the rice.

    5. Put yeast and then cover the bowl and set aside for overnight.

    6. Next day, transfer the content into a mixer grinder. 

    7. Pour the same water in which you soak the rice. 

    8. Grind into a smooth paste. Transfer into a bowl and Mix well. Set aside for one hour.

    9. After one hour, the batter will be double in volume, and you can find small bubble formation which means the batter is ready to make appam.

    10. Add salt to taste and mix well.

    11. Pour the one spoon full of batter in a hot appam chatti. If using an iron appam chatti, then remember to grease properly. 

    12. Swirl the pan carefully so that we get the beautiful lace around the appam.

    13. Close the pan, reduce the flame to low and let it cook.

    14. Once the center is cooked and the lace turn crisp, open the lid and transfer the appam into a dry plate. 

    15. Serve with Vegetable stew and a cup of hot tea. Enjoy.

    Happy cooking


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