Ke Ney pathiri Recipe | Ney Pathal | Malabar Poricha Pathiri Recipe F

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Ney pathiri Recipe | Ney Pathal | Malabar Poricha Pathiri Recipe


Ney pathiri Recipe | Ney Pathal | Malabar Poricha Pathiri with step by step video. 

Neypathiri or ney pathal is a popular deep fried Kerala breakfast dish made with fine rice flour, coconut and other spices. This dish is very common among the Muslim community in western Kerala. You can see small and thick version of ney pathiri in the teashops in Ernakulam and Trissur. I will post this recipe as soon as possible. Let's discuss today the preparation of Malabar ney pathiri.

    What is ney pathiri?

    Ney pathiri is a type of deep fried pancakes, popular in western region Kerala, especially in Malabar, Kozhikode etc. This breakfast dish is popular mainly among the Muslim community in Malabar region. Thick and soft dough made with rice flour, cumin, coconut and shallots. It is then divided, flattened and finally deep fried. It look somewhat like a thick puffed poori, but it is more crispier and aromatic.  Ney pathal, poricha pathiri are the other names of this dish.

    How to Make ney pathiri ?

    Traditional way of ney pathiri preparation needs hours of preps, but today we will discuss the easiest or the instant method. It uses finely roasted rice flour called pathiri podi. Various brands of pathiri podi are now available in the market. Pathiri podi is nothing but the roasted raw rice flour with the finest grains (its texture almost similar that of maida).

    The preparation of ney pathiri is very simple. First, coconut, cumin and shallots are crushed and mixed with pathiri podi. It is then mixed with salted piping hot water along with one or two teaspoons of oil / ghee. Then the dough will be kneaded and made soft and thick dough. It is then flattened into thin disc and deep fried.  The thickness of the dough and the temperature of oil do affect the perfection of ney pathiri. 

    Ney Pathiri - Expert's tips

    1. To make the ney pathiri, roasted and fine rice flour is mandatory. 
    2. The dough should be thick but not as thick as poori dough and thin as a chapathi dough. After making the dough, it should be non-sticky, but should form a ball easily.
    3. You won't be able to flatten the ney pathiri dough using a chapathi roller, it will crumble. So better to place the dough between two greased plastic sheet and press with a bowl with flat base. Or use your plam. (refer video).
    4. To make puffed ney pathiri, there should be enough oil in the pan for deep frying. The pathiri should submerge fully in the oil. Also make sure, the flame is kept at high. The pathiri should be fried only when the oil is hot. 

    Ney Pathiri - Serving suggestions

    Ney pathiri is normally served with egg curry, chicken curry, muttons or beef curry. Use any spicy gravy type curry.

    How to make Ney pathiri

    Ney pathiri Recipe | Ney Pathal | How To Make Malabar Poricha Pathiri Recipe

    Deep fried rice poori

    Preparation time: 10 minutes | Cooking time: 10 minutes | Total time: 20 minutes


    • 2 cups fine roasted rice flour | pathiri podi
    • 1 cup freshly grated coconut
    • 1 tsp cumin seeds | jeerakam | jeera
    • 20 shallots | cheriyulli | chote pyas
    • 1 teaspoon coconut oil / ghee
    • Salt to taste
    • Oil for frying

    Ney pathal Preparation With Step By Step Photos

    1. Take 2 cups of rice flour in a bowl. Put salt and mix well.

    2. In a mixer grinder, put 1 cup coconut, 20 shallots and 1 teaspoon cumin seeds.

    3. Crush coarsely. (Without adding water)

    4. Put this coconut spice mix in the flour and mix well.

    5. Add piping boiling water in batches.

    6. Mix well with a spoon or wooden spatula.

    7. Once the flour is moistened, use your hands and knead the hot dough. If you are not able to tolerate its heat, then dip hands in cold water and knead again.

    8. Once everything mixed well, add one teaspoon coconut oil and knead again.

    9. Make a soft and thick dough. The dough should be non-sticky.

    10. Take a small portion and make one big lemon sized dough.

    11. Use one plastic sheet or a small piece of banana leaf for flattening the dough. Apply oil on the sheet and also your hand.

    12. Using your palm slowly and gently flatten the balls into a thick disc. 

    13. The flattened disc should never be too thin, make it slightly thicker.

    14. Heat oil on high flame for deep frying. When the oil turns hot, Put the prepared discs carefully. The flame should be high all time and the oil should be sizzling hot. Then only the ney pathiri will puff up.

    15. Once the lower portion comes to a golden brown color, carefully flip and cook the lower side also.

    16. Remove and serve with any veg or non-veg gravy type curry.

    17. Enjoy.

    Happy cooking

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