Ke Ragi Puttu Recipe | Kerala Style Ragi Puttu Recipe | Instant Finger Millet Puttu Recipe F

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Ragi Puttu Recipe | Kerala Style Ragi Puttu Recipe | Instant Finger Millet Puttu Recipe


Ragi Puttu Recipe | Kerala Style Ragi Puttu Recipe | Instant Finger Millet Puttu Recipe with step by step photos and video.

Ragi Puttu is a healthy version of the normal Kerala puttu. It is made with finger millet powder. Including finger millet in our diet is so helpful to prevent anemia in women, especially for middle aged ones. Let's learn today, the preparation of finger millet puttu Kerala style. 

    What is ragi puttu? 

    Ragi Puttu is a steamed cake made with finger millet. In South India, finger millet is known by the name ragi. The powdered ragi is first moistened with water and is then filled in a log shaped small vessel named puttukutti. Puttukutti is then placed and steamed over puttukalam(Puttukalam is a pot like vessel). Coconut shavings are layered in between the ragi flour for easy passage of steam.

    Why should we include Ragi in our daily diet?

    Ragi is a gluten free and mineral, protein and fiber rich millet, which our ancestors were familiar with. Once it was a regular food item of our grandparents. We should also include finger millet in our diet, especially when we are anemic. Ragi is proven to be the powder house of iron and helps to balance the hemoglobin level naturally. In addition to this rich fiber content in ragi help us to feel food for time and helps in weight loss, also regulate the blood glucose level and is ideal for diabetic patients. 

    Ragi puttu - Expert's tips

    1. This recipe uses ready-made ragi flour, which needs to be moistened just like regular puttu flour. 
    2. The consistency of the batter is very important. Add water little by little by little and try to make a moist and crumby dough. 
    3. Ragi has a longer cooking time. So cook for five to six minutes.
    4. Layering the coconut in between is necessary easy passage of steam. 

    Ragi Puttu - Serving suggestions

    Ragi Puttu can be served with ripe small banana or any spicy gravy type curry. 

    How to Make Raggi Puttu

    Ragi Puttu Recipe | Kerala Finger Millet Puttu | How To Make Ragi Puttu Kerala Style

    Steamed finger millet cake

    Preparation time: 7 minutes | Cooking time: 12 minutes | Total time: 19 minutes


    • 1 cup ragi flour / finger millet flour
    • 1 cup freshly grated coconut
    • Salt to taste
    • Water as needed

    Ragi Puttu Preparation With Step By Step Preparation

    1. Into a wide mouthed mixing bowl, take 1.5 cups of ragi flour. I used store bought ragi puttupodi. 

    2. Add salt to taste and mix well with your fingertips. You can add one or two teaspoons of ghee for extra flavor, but I normally won't use. 

    3. Add water in batches and mix well.

    4. The flour consistency is very important. It should be moist and crumby. To check the flour, press small amount of flour with your palm, it should form a ball (or lump). When you press this ball it should break.

    5. Transfer the flour into a mixer grinder and pulse. This step will make the a softer puttu and is optional. 

    6. Transfer into the mixing bowl again and crumble it with your fingers.

    7. Take the puttu kutti and insert its perforated disc. Fill the first layer with one or two tablespoons of coconut and spread evenly.

    8. Make the second layer with ragi flour. Fill one third of the cylindrical vessel or puttu kutti. 

    9. Repeat this step till the puttu kutti is filled and press gently and close with its lid. If you press the flour tightly, flow of steam will be blocked and the puttu will remain raw. 

    10. Meanwhile, add fill one third of the bottom vessel with water. Once the water has come to boil, place the puttukutti. The steam will escape from the tiny holes on the cap of the puttu kutti. 

    11. After five minutes, you will get your puttu cooked. Remove into a plate by pulling the puttu from the bottom of the cylindrical vessel/puttu kutti. 

    12. Serve hot with ripe small banana. Enjoy. 

    Happy cooking 

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