Ke Thakkali kichadi | Kerala Style Tomato Kichadi Recipe | Sadya Recipe F

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Thakkali kichadi | Kerala Style Tomato Kichadi Recipe | Sadya Recipe


Kerala Thakkali kichadi

Thakkali Kichadi | Kerala Style Tomato Kichadi Recipe | Sadya Recipe With Step By Step Photos.

Traditional vegan Kerala side dish thakkali kichadi is made in just a few minutes and is very simple to prepare. When hosting their traditional sadya feast, Keralites often serve a Kerala kichadi. But kichadi also advertises its position on their lunch menu on occasions other than weddings or other formal occasions. Keralites prepare this dish for lunch quite frequently.

    Thakkali Kichadi - About

    A delectable vegetarian dish from Kerala, thakkali kichadi is created with tomato, coconut, spices, and herbs. This recipe is ideal if you're looking for a quick side dish for rice. Due to the use of curd and a moderate level of spiciness, tomato kichadi is the ideal meal for hot days as it makes us feel cool and refreshed.

    The kichadi prepared in the north of India is considerably different from the thakkali kichadi, a dish from the south of India. While the south Indian kichadi does not contain any grains or lentils, the north Indian kichadi is a combination of rice and lentil.

    In Kerala, the word thakkali means tomato, and kichadi is a method of making curry in which cooked vegetables are combined with uncooked coconut spice mixture and curd. In Kerala, there are several different kichadi recipes; one of the most well-known is carrot kichadi.

    A thakkali kichadi has a short shelf life since it contains raw coconut. By dusk, it will start to smell bad because it spoils so quickly. However, we can certainly refrigerate the curry; however, reheating is not advised since it would ruin the flavor and texture of the dish. Therefore, it will be suggested to only prepare what you need for the day.

    Ingredients of a thakkali kichadi

    • Tomatoes - When making thakkali kichadi, tomatoes are the main ingredient. Use tomatoes that are ripe but firm.

    • Green chilly - In a thakkali kichadi, the only source of heat is green chilly. But only use a small amount.

    • Mustard seeds - Both the grinding and seasoning steps entail the use of mustard seeds.

    • Coconut - Use ripe, fresh coconut.

    • Curd - Use curd that is thick and not very sour.

    • Red chilly - The tomato kichadi is tempered with one or two red chilies.

    • Curry leaves - Flavors the dish.

    • Coconut oil - Used in tempering.

    Kerala Thakkali kichadi - Chef's Tips

    1. It is best to use ripe but firm tomatoes when making Kerala thakkali kichadi. The soft vegetables practically "mash" while cooking and disappear in the sauce. Use red, firm tomatoes if you can.
    2. Coconut should make up a very small percentage of a kichadi. In other words, if you use one cup of vegetables, use less than 1/4 cup of coconut. We obtain the finest flavor and taste when using freshly shredded coconut.
    3. When it comes to the curd, go for thick, less sour curd. Since the primary component of a thakkal kichachi, the tomato, is naturally sour, using sour curd will result in an overly acidic curry. The consistency of kichadi is also influenced by the curd's thickness; it is a semi-thick side dish rather than a gravy. Because of this, I advise using thick curd.
    4. One last reminder, A thakkali kichadi immediately went bad when left out at room temperature. Reheating and cooling really make the food taste worse. Therefore, it is strongly advised never to prepare a kichadi in large batches. only make what you need for the day.

    How to Make a Thakkali Kichadi 

    Thakkali kichadi | Kerala Style Tomato Kichadi Recipe | Sadya Recipe

    Kerala Thakkali Kichadi

    Tomato in spicy and sour sauce

    Preparation time: 10 minutes | Cooking time : 3 minutes | Total time : 13 minutes


    • 2 big tomatoes
    • 1 cup less sour curd

    To grind

    • 1/4 cup freshly shredded coconut
    • 1 tsp mustard seeds
    • 2 or 3 green chilies 

    To temper
    • 1 dried red chili
    • 1 spring curry leaves
    • 1 tsp mustard seeds
    • 1 tablespoon coconut oil

    Thakkali kichadi recipe with step by step photos

    1. I used three medium-sized tomatoes to prepare thakkali kichadi. Use only two if you are using huge ones. To get rid of pesticides and contaminants, thoroughly wash the tomatoes in water.
      Kerala Thakkali kichadi recipe

    2. After that, cut it into tiny cubes and leave it aside.
      Kerala thakkali kichadi Reicpe

    3. Over high heat, place one thick-bottomed pan. Pour coconut oil into the hot pan after lowering the flame to medium. After add the mustard seeds to the hot oil, wait until the cracking has subsided.
      South Indian Tomato Kichadi Recipe

    4. Put the dried red chilly and curry leaves once the popping sound has stopped. Once aromatic, sauté for one minute.
      Kerala thakkali kichadi recipe

    5. Add the tomato chunks and simmer them under cover until they are slightly cooked. Avoid overcooking.

    6. In the meantime, combine the coconut, chilies, and mustard seeds in a blender.
    7. Kerala Thakkali Kichadi

    8. Add two to three tablespoons of thick curd, and crush into a very fine paste.
      Kerala Tomato Kichadi

    9. As soon as the tomatoes begin to soften, extinguish the flame. Put the salt and coconut paste after that. Mix thoroughly to eliminate the raw coconut odor. 
      Kerala Thakkali Kichadi Recipe

    10. Add beaten curd. The amount of curd affects how thick the thakkali kichadi is. Use accordingly. There is less sour and thick curd used because thakkali kichadi is basically a semi-thick side dish. Before adding, thoroughly beat the curd.
      South Indian Thakkali Kichadi Recipe

    11. Mix well. Adjust the spices and salt. After that, place a lid on the pan and let it sit for a while to allow the flavours to meld. 
      South Indian Thakkali Kichadi

    12. After that, serve with rice.
      Kerala Thakkali Kichadi

    Happy cooking


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