Ke Koli Saru | Karnataka Chicken Curry Recipe F

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Koli Saru | Karnataka Chicken Curry Recipe

Karnataka Chicken Curry Recipe

Koli saaru recipe | Karnataka chicken Curry with step by step photos.

There are numerous south Indian chicken curry recipes to choose from. Even after using almost identical ingredients, each one has an own taste, flavor, and appearance. We'll talk about the well-known chicken dish from the Indian subcontinent known as Karanaka koli saaru today. Koli saaru goes well with almost any type of food. It goes nicely with pulao, ghee rice, chapati, naan, and dosa, among other main course options. Let's see the preparation of Karnataka koli saaru today.

    Koli saaru - About

    Koli sararu is a delicious and tasty side dish from the Karnataka region of South India. Chicken is simmered in a hot, spicy tomato-onion puree to make koli saaru. Koli saaru's spicy gravy also includes whole spices, herbs, a thickening agent, coconut, and other spices in addition to the above two ingredients.

    Our neighbour in Karnataka introduced me to Koli saaru when we were residing there. She is a terrific cook and runs a small catering business there. On certain occasions, she shows her love for us by bringing us tiny boxes of chicken curry, sanas, neer dosa, etc. This recipe was actually hers, which I copied.

    Any gravy cooked with chicken is referred to as koli saaru. Chicken is referred to as koli, and gravy is referred to as saaru.

    Comparatively speaking to other South Indian chicken curry recipes, Koli saaru preparation calls for the least number of spices. However, in terms of flavours, it may compete. The dish is spicy due to the addition of both green chilies and fiery red chilly powder. The flavour of the dish is enhanced by whole spices, coriander leaves, and coriander powder. The coconut and poppy seeds give the gravy a rich, creamy texture. This recipe is perfect you if you're seeking for a one-pot, fast chicken curry.

    Karnataka Koli Sararu - Ingredients

    Chicken : Chicken is the star ingredient of Koli saaru. The tenderness of the chicken pieces actually determines the method should follow for the dish. 

    Onion - As you are probably aware, onions are a common ingredient in many south Indian cuisines, including the gravy for kerala chicken curry. In addition to adding flavour to the dish, onions also help the gravy keep thick.

    Tomato - Our chicken curry uses tomatoes to add a mild tanginess. Just use ripe tomatoes, and you can alter the quantity to suit the flavor of the tomatoes.

    Coriander - Karnataka koli saaru is made using both the leaves and the power of coriander. The curry gains a deep flavour from the coriander.

    Chilli powder - Heat is added via chilli powder. Although Karnataka koli saaru is really hot, I can't stand that much heat. I therefore slightly reduced the amount of chillies.

    Wholes spices - Used to flavor the dish.

    Ginger and garlic - Fresh ginger and garlic are used in the gravy. 

    Poppy seeds and coconut - To thicken the gravy, poppy seeds and coconut are used in this recipe.

    Salt - To season


    Koli Saaru - Chef's tips

    1. Country chicken is used in koli saaru traditionally. However, broiler chicken is more widely available these days, therefore we can utilize broiler chicken parts. Use country chicken if it is available. I believe that koli saaru made with country chicken is tastier than koli saaru made with broiler.
    2. Coconut is not a direct addition. Before being ground into a smooth paste, it is first lightly roasted.
    3. Coconut is not directly added. It is first briefly cooked before being ground into a paste. If you're using whole chilies and coriander, simply roast them and grind them with the coconut.
    4. Poppy seeds are utilized as a thickening agent. Cashews can be used as a substitute.

    Koli Saaru | Karnataka Koli saaru Recipe | How to Make Spicy Chicken Curry 

    Spicy chicken gravy

    Preparation time: 10 minutes | Cooking time: 20 minutes | Total time: 30 minutes


    • 500 gm chicken
    • 1.5 tbsp chili powder 
    • 2 tbsp coriander powder
    To grind
    • 2 medium onion, peeled
    • 1.5" piece ginger 
    • Handful of coriander leaves
    To roast
    • 2 cloves
    • 2 green cardamom
    • 1/3 cup freshly grated coconut

    Other ingredients

    • 2 tomatoes
    • 1 teaspoon poppy seeds
    • 3 tbsp oil
    • Salt to taste
    • Water as needed

    Karnataka koli saaru with Step by step

    1. To prepare koli saaru, I used 500 g of broiler chicken pieces. It should be thoroughly washed in clean water and then set aside.
    2. In a thick-bottomed pan, stir the red chilli powder and coriander powder, and heat over medium heat. Dry roast it carefully, tossing frequently, until the aroma of raw spices is gone.
    3. Mix in the chicken well. Cook until the fluids begin to flow out while covered.
    4. Meanwhile, blend the onion, chilies, ginger, and green chilies in a mixer grinder.
    5. Add this onion puree to the pan along with the tomato puree. Mix well, then cook the chicken covered until approximately halfway done.
    6. Pick a fresh pan. Over low heat, dry roast coconut and whole spices. Transfer the coconut to a mixer grinder after it starts to turn a light brown colour.
    7. Poppy seeds are combined with just enough water to create a very smooth paste.
    8. Cook the chicken until fully cooked after adding it.
    9. Enjoy.

    Happy cooking



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