Ke Cabbage Vada | Cabbage Vadai | South Indian Cabbage Patties Recipe F

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Cabbage Vada | Cabbage Vadai | South Indian Cabbage Patties Recipe


South Indian Cabbage vada

Cabbage vada recipe with step by step photos and video.

Cabbage vada us a type of savory vada, fritters, made from chopped cabbage. It is often served as a snack or appetizer. Cabbage vada is a healthy and delicious snack that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Let's discuss the recipe for Indian cabbage vada. 

    Cabbage vada about

    Cabbage vada is a spicy and aromatic South Indian snack that is commonly served as an afterschool meal in the evenings. A cabbage vada is a popular snack not only at home, but also in eateries, small teashops, and canteens. It is sometimes prepared as a crispy, crunchy, and delectable lentil fritter similar to parippu vada. However, it can appear like onion bajji at times, with soft textured and tasty when eaten hot.

    Cabbage vada is made by mixing chopped cabbage with some spices, lentils ( or lentil flour) and herbs. It is then shaping it into small balls or vadas. These are then deep fried in oil till golden brown. Cabbage vada is a popular snack in India. It can be served with chutneys or dips, or simply eaten on its own.

    Cabbage Vada - Variations

    In South India, cabbage vadai comes in a plethora of varieties. From my perspective, the version prepared with lentils is crispier and tastier. We can use either garbanzo lentils,  pigeon pea lentils, or a mixture of both to make this lentil vada. Compared to the one with pigeon pea lentil, the one with chickpea lentil is tougher and more crunchier. May I am more familiar with parippu vada, I enjoy the second version more. But do use chickpea lentils if you want the authentic flavor. 

    The second vadai variation is comparable to onion bajji. To begin, the coarsely chopped cabbages are combined with chickpea flour, seasonings, and herbs. After shaping, the vadai is deep-fried in hot oil until golden brown. There is no soaking or grinding necessary with this technique, making it the easiest. Try using this technique to quickly make vadas. Chop the cabbages, sprinkle salt on top, and rub until moist. Then combine additional seasonings with chickpea flour, shape, and fry. This process is fast, requiring just ten to fifteen minutes.

    Tips for making cabbage vada

    Because the method with lentils is challenging and needs some practice, I will describe it today. Perfect soaking, draining, and grinding of the bean are all required. Only you then are able to mold the vada. 

    Use the pulse option as you're grinding the chickpeas. Open the mixer container periodically and give it two or three stirs. As it rests, the cabbages and the shallots will release moisture. Therefore, if you pulverize while adding water. It will be moister than is required. 

    It will be more difficult for you to form the vada mixture if it is more moist than necessary. It will also crack when being fried. Add a little rice flour or chickpea flour in this situation and combine well. Attempt to shape it. If you can correctly shape it, that is, if you can form balls without any cracks, then the consistency of the batter is correct. If not, add more flour and try again. 

    Make sure the oil is hot enough before you begin to cook the vada. You can choose any veggie oil you want to use. Once the oil becomes hot, keep it at medium. When you fry the vadais over a high flame, the inner part will remain raw or uncooked while the outer crust quickly browns.  

    Cabbage Vada | Cabbage Vadai |  South Indian Cabbage Patties Recipe

    Spicy Cabbage fritters

    Preparation time : 4.30 hours | Cooking time: 30 minutes | Total time: 5 hours 

    Ingredients of Cabbage Vadai

    • 1 cup shredded cabbage
    • 1 cup chickpeas or pigeon pea lentil or 1 cup gram flour
    • 3 green chilly
    • 4 shallots, finely chopped
    • 2 Springs of curry leaves
    • 1/2 tsp cumin seeds
    • 5 to 6 garlic cloves (optional ingredients
    • Salt to taste
    • oil for frying

    How to make cabbage vadai with step by step photos

    1. After washing the chickpea legume (kadala parippu/chana dal), soak it for the entire night or for five to six hours. You'll be able to break the lentils with your fingertips since they will be soft. Extra water should be drained from the lentil once it becomes soft, then put aside.
      Cabbage vada South Indian

    2. Use the tiny jar of your mixer grinder to coarsely grind the lentil after all the water has been completely removed. set aside.
      Cabbage vada South Indian

    3. To prepare the vadai, use fresh cabbage. Grate or finely slice the cabbages. This constitutes the primary component of vada. Add two cups of cabbages in place of one cup if you enjoy the flavor of cabbage better.
      Cabbage vada South Indian

    4. Green chilies, garlic, curry leaves, cumin, chili powder, turmeric powder, asafoetida, and salt should all be added to the chopped cabbage. 
      Cabbage vada South Indian

    5. Put the chickpea paste in the bowl and thoroughly mix it.
      Cabbage vada South Indian

    6. Now, combine thoroughly with your palms prior to forming the mixture into little kebabs or vadais.
      Cabbage vada South Indian

    7. Put in hot oil; it should not be cold or Smokey, but just the right amount of heat. Keep space between each vada; do not overcrowd the vada.
      Cabbage vada South Indian

    8. Flip it over once the bottom side has become crisp and continue to prepare the other side. 
      Cabbage vada South Indian

    9. Finally, serve fresh. 
      Cabbage vada South Indian

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