Ke Beef Peralan | Beef Chakkakkuru Peralan | Kerala Beef Peralan Recipe F

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Beef Peralan | Beef Chakkakkuru Peralan | Kerala Beef Peralan Recipe

 Beef Peralan | Beef Chakkakkuru Peralan | Kerala Beef Piralan Recipe With step by step. 

Beef peralan

Keralans love to eat beef chakkakkuru peralan as a side dish. In Kerala, beef is regularly prepared at home, especially around festivals like Easter and Id. For Easter this year, I made Beef Peralan. I additionally added some jackfruit seeds to the meal to make it richer.   I truly followed the true authentic peralan recipe—which is hot, fragrant, and delicious—while making this dish. Let's look at the recipe in the sections below. 

    Beef Peralan - About

    Everybody celebrated the resurrection of Jesus with family and friends on Easter Sunday. Yes, I realize that I should have published this dish at least a day before yesterday.  beef is a less common purchase for us, and we only purchased it for Easter.

    We'll concentrate on the traditional Keralan beef perelan dish in this article. You can prepare this dish with or without any veggies. However, I enjoy cooking beef with small pieces of banana, potato, yam, etc. We used jackfruit this time. Any vegetable you add will take on the aromas of the curry and taste delicious when eaten. Instead of the beef pieces, I like to eat the juicy and flavorful vegetables of beef peralan. 

    Any main meal, including ghee rice, chapati, rice, naan, appam, or pulao, can be paired with beef perelan. 

    How To Clean Beef

    It won't come as a surprise when you discover that many people have beef allergies. me too. I nearly stopped eating beef after developing an allergy. I didn't know the meals that my body was trying to fight at first. But I eventually understand that the guilty party is beef. I so stopped taking it.

    But later, once I had children, I lost so much strength and began experiencing giddiness, physical aches, and other symptoms frequently. At that time, one of my friends recommended that I eat beef. I pause to start. I described my history of beef allergies. She then advises me to wash beef in vinegar. She asked me to try at least once, but I was still afraid. I only tried a little bit. That ruse was quite effective. I continue to eat meat fearlessly. 

    Cleaning meat with vinegar is a straightforward process. Simply add four-quarter cups of vinegar to the beef, then stir well. After allowing it to rest for 30 minutes, wash it with regular water two or three times, or until the water runs clear. After that, you can cook it as usual.

    Beef Peralen - Expert's tips

    1. When purchasing beef, simply look at the colour. Meat that is darker in colour will be older, whereas meat that is lighter in colour will be younger. which will be easier to eat and more delicious. The mature one will be rather hard and challenging to prepare. 
    2. Pour one teaspoon of vinegar into the beef as it is cooking. The process of cooking will be sped up. 
    3. Raw banana, potato, yam, or tapioca can all be used in place of jackfruit seeds. You can skip it if none of these are available. 

            How To Make Beef Peralan | Beef Chakkakkuru Peralan | Kerala Beef Peralan Recipe

            Beef Kerala Recipe

            Spicy Indian side dish with beef and jackfruit seeds

            Preparation time: 30 minutes | Cooking time: 30 minutes | total time 1 hour

            Beef peralan ingredients

            To cook beef

            • 1 beef, cut into cubes
            • 15 to 12 jackfruit seeds, peeled and cooked
            • 1" piece ginger
            • 2 tbsp coriander powder
            • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
            • 1.5 teaspoon chili powder (adjust to your tolerence)
            • 1 teaspoon garam masala
            • 1 tbsp vinegar
            • Salt to taste
            • 3/4 cup water

            To sauté
            • 1 large onion or two medium sized onions, peeled and thinly slices
            • 4 to 5 green chilies, stalk removed and slit
            • 1" pieces of ginger, peeled and chopped
            • 7 -8 garlic cloves, peeled
            • 1/2 cup coconut bits
            • 1 spring curry leaves
            • 3 tbsp coconut oil
            • 1 teaspoon mustard seeds 

            Step by Step preparation of Beef peralan 

            1. Place the meat in a pressure cooker after thoroughly washing it.  Add salt, ginger, garlic, jackfruit seeds, spices, vinegar and salt.  (all the ingredients under to cook beef). Mix well.
            2. Close the cooker and cook the meat for one whistle over a high flame. Reduce the flame to low after the initial whistles. Need three more whistles right now. Turn out the flame after the third whistle.  Open the lid after the pressure has subsided and check to see if the beef is done. If it gives easily to finger pressure, the beef is cooked. If not, cook it for a further one or two minutes over a low temperature. 
            3. Take a single flat-based pan with a thick bottom. Over a high flame, heat the pan. Pour some oil. When the oil is hot, add the mustard seeds and wait until the cracking stops.
            4. Cook curry leaves, green chilies, onion, garlic, and ginger that have been thinly sliced. Cook the onion until it gets brown. 
            5. Add the cooked beef in the pan. Turn up the heat and continue cooking until the water has evaporated and become thick. If the curry is left unattended, it could adhere to the pan. Keep an eye on it, stir occasionally, and then turn down the burner when the gravy begins to thicken. Perform a taste test at this point, and if necessary, add salt or spices. 
            6. Enjoy.

            Happy cooking

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