Ke Sooji Kheer | Rava Kheer | Indian Semolina Pudding Recipe F

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Sooji Kheer | Rava Kheer | Indian Semolina Pudding Recipe

Sooji Kheer

 Sooji Kheer | Rava Kheer | Indian Semolina Pudding Recipe with step by step photos.

Sooji kheer, commonly referred to as rava kheer, is a quick and easy Indian dessert eaten on holidays and special occasions. Kheer is a sort of milk-based delicacy popular in India. Due to its simplicity in terms of ingredients and cooking methods, sooji kheer is highly well-liked among Indian families. This dinner may be prepared in less than 10 minutes and can be served warm or cold. Let's discuss sooji kheer's preparation and methods in the sections that follow. 

    Sooji Kheer - About 

    A sooji kheer or rava kheer's sole and primary ingredients are semolina, milk, sugar, cardamom powder, ghee, and dry fruits. Similar to the South Indian Pal payasam, kheer is a sort of milk-based delicacy from north India. Such recipes, such as semiya kheer or semiya payasam and sago kheer or chowari payasam, have already been posted on this site.

    My mother used to make me a specific variety of semolina pudding when I was a child, as I've already mentioned in my article Parsely Ravo. The preparation is nearly identical to that of this dish with the exception of the addition of dry fruits. She made it somewhat thinner so we could drink it out of glasses.  Here, you can also make thick or semi-thick rava kheer or sooji kheer. Rava kheer is usually served with pooris or in thalis in India. 

    Semolina kheer is also known as sooji phirni, rava payasam, thari knaji, and rava kachiyathu, among other names. They all look same and were prepared using the same ingredients and methods, yet each one has a unique flavour and taste. 

    Sooji Kheer - Expert's tips 

    • The semolina must be roasted before milk is added while preparing sooji kheer, or semolina kheer. Otherwise, the kheer would become bland and mushy. You can skip this step and use the roasted ready-made rava packets instead. But keep in mind that not every variety will be roasted to the same degree. Roast it again for two to three minutes if necessary. 
    • To make the kheer more creamy and rich, you can use thick milk or add a little condensed milk. Condensed milk will naturally be sweet, so you will need to modify the sugar level to suit your tastes. Never just plop sugar on top.
    • By substituting coconut milk for the regular milk, the same dish may be made vegan. It will taste better if jaggery is added in this case instead of sugar. 
    • You can choose whether to include dry fruits. If you are making it for home use, omit it. 

    Sooji Kheer | Rava Kheer | Indian Semolina Pudding Recipe | How to Make Rava Kheer At Home

    Rava Kheer

    Semolina sweet

    Preparation time: 2 minutes | Cooking time: 7 minutes | Total time: 9 minutes


    • 2 tbsp semolina | Bombay Rava | Sooji 
    • 500 mil milk
    • 3 tbsp sugar
    • 5 cashews
    • 5 raisins
    • 1/2 tsp. cardamom powder
    • 1 tbsp ghee

    Sooji Kheer Recipe With Step By Step Photos 

    1. Let's start by making the rava kheer in a pan with a thick bottom. Maintain a high flame in the pan, and as soon as it begins to heat up, instantly reduce the flame and add the semolina. 
      Rava Kheer

    2. Stirring the semolina with a spatula should be done immediately. Roast it until the rava looks somewhat dry and light brown. Set aside. Continuous stirring is necessary at this point. If not, the semolina at the bottom of the pan will burn and give our payasam a black tint.  
      Sooji Ka Kheer

    3. If you're using dry fruits, heat some ghee in the same pan and sauté them now. I'm going to use some raisins and cashews. So I started by frying cashews until they were light golden brown. Then add the raisins. As soon as the raisins start to puff up, remove them out of the pan and set them aside. 
      Rava Kheer

    4. Take another clean and neat thick bottomed pan. Add milk, then bring to a boil over a medium burner.
      Rava Kheer

    5. Add the sugar and semolina once the milk has begun to boil. Mix thoroughly.  Take caution because semolina can cause lumps.
      Sooji Ka Kheer

    6. Stir well, but only in one direction, until the proper consistency is achieved. As it rests, the kheer will become thicker. Therefore, extinguish the flame immediately before you get the desired consistency. 
      Sooji Ka Kheer

    7. After incorporating the powdered cardamom, thoroughly stir.  Saffron may be added, if you have any. 
      Sooji Ka Kheer

    8. Serve with ghee-fried dry fruits as a garnish. Enjoy. 
      Sooji Ka Kheer

    Happy cooking

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