Ke Ethakka Puttu | Kerala Banana Puttu Recipe | Nendrapazham Puttu Recipe F

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Ethakka Puttu | Kerala Banana Puttu Recipe | Nendrapazham Puttu Recipe

Ethakka Puttu

Ethakka Puttu | Kerala Banana Puttu Recipe | Nendrapazham Puttu Recipe With Step By Step Photos. 

Ethakka puttu or ethappazam puttu is a variation of the traditional breakfast dish ariputtu from Kerala. Since ethakka puttu is a complete meal, no sides should be served. In my home, ethakka puttu is the most well-liked and swiftly served south Indian breakfast item. Let's have a look at how ethakka puttu is made at home. 

    Ethakka puttu - About

    Ethakka puttu or nendrapazham puttu is a breakfast dish from Kerala made with rice flour, coconut, and Nendran bananas. Ethappazham or Nendrappazham are the names of large, firm bananas that are native to Kerala. Both for its flavour and for its health benefits, the Keralite people eat it. Everyone, from small children to the elderly, often eats boiled nendran.

    The recipe for the puttu or Kerala rice cake  has already been published. Typically, a puttu is served with kadala curry, pappadam, or bananas. Nendran bananas are frequently served as a side dish. Ethakka puttu is said to have arisen from that combination. Ethakka puttu is made by layering and cooking both puttu and nendran banana. By doing this, the puttu will also absorb some of the flavor and sweetness of the ethakka and become tastier than when served separately. 

    For a very long time, I have been making ethakka puttu.  However, I didn't publish the recipe here for some reason. I realised that I hadn't posted as many puttu recipes as I had wanted to when I went looking for them the other day. Ethakka puttu is a must to try recipe. 

    To make the puttu I made today, I used ready-made puttu powder that our friend gave for me from Kerala. Currently, puttu podi is accessible everywhere. But if you want that particular puttu flavor, you must buy puttu powder from Kerala. For more information on puttu, please view the puttu recipe on our blog. 

    Ethakka Puttu - Expert's Tips

    1. Ethakka puttu demands to be prepared with nendran banana. All other bananas will become mushy and flavourless during cooking. However, the Nendran banana will still be somewhat firm but sweet and flavorful after cooking.
    2. For the puttu, use bananas that are fully ripe. Overripe or underripe ones won't function properly. 
    3. The nendran banana can be made using either a chiratta puttu maker or a regular puttu maker. I typically use the chiratta puttu machine, which is smaller, to serve one complete puttu per person.
    4. You can add additional shredded jaggery, cumin, and coconut to the laying process if you'd like it even sweeter. For this dish, I used basic, fresh coconut. 

          Ethakka Puttu | How To Make Kerala Banana Puttu Recipe | Nendrapazham Puttu Recipe

          Ethakka Puttu

          Kerala Puttu Layered  with banana

          Preparation time: 40 minutes | Cooking taime: 5 minutes | Total time: 45 minutes 


          To make the puttu mix

          •  1/2 cup puttu podi
          • 1/4  cup coconut 
          • 1/2 cup water
          • Salt to taste

          Other Ingredients 

          • 2 Nendran banana
          • 1/4 cup coconut

          Ethakka Puttu With Step By Step Pictures 

          1. In a mixing bowl, add rice flour and salt. Puttu Podi is what I favour. Rice flour (raw rice) that has been coarsely ground and roasted is known as puttu podi. In certain ways, the grains will resemble semolina. 
            Pazham puttu step 1

          2. After adding enough water, wait for 30 minutes
            Ethakka puttu step 2

          3. After 30 minutes, break up the lumps with your hands and add freshly grated coconut. Mix thoroughly and set aside.
            Ethakka puttu step 3

          4. Two ripe Nendran bananas were used to make ethakka puttu. 
            Ethakka puttu step 4

          5. Take the chirattaputtu maker. Use freshly grated coconut for the first layer. 
            Ethakka puttu Step 5

          6. An Nendran banana quarter is placed on the second layer. Before using, slice the bananas very thinly after removing the skin. 
            Ethakka puttu step 6

          7. Add the puttu power on top. To level the top section, gently press.
            Ethakka Puttu Step 7

          8. The last layer will include another slices of Nendran banana. Four chiratta puttu can be made from two medium-sized nendran.
            Ethakka Puttu Step 8

          9. For 3 to 4 minutes, steam.  
            Ethakka Puttu Step 9

          10. Check to see if the banana on top is cooked after three minutes of steaming. Puttu is ready if it has been cooked. Transfer to a platter, then warmly serve
            Ethakka Puttu Step 10

          11. Enjoy.
                Ethakka Puttu

                Happy Cooking 


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