Ke Mayonnaise Recipe - How to make mayo at home F

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Mayonnaise Recipe - How to make mayo at home


Mayonnaise With Detailed Photos And Videos.

Mayonnaise is a world famous condiment made with eggs and oil. Now this dip became a part of our day to day life. Homemade fresh mayonnaise is always best in taste and quality. So let us learn today, how to make mayonnaise at home.

    How mayonnaise is prepared?

    Mayonnaise is a very popular condiment or dip made by emulsifying eggs and oil along with some seasoning agents like garlic, parsley, etc. Vinegar and lemon juice is also commonly incorporated with it.  

    For us Indians, mayonnaise became familiar when the Arabic food shawarma and other grilled items were introduced. This is now so much popular that each and everyone knows about it. Still making mayonnaise at home is considered as climbing mountains for some of us. Me also came through so many errors in the beginning. Luckily, because of these errors, today I am capable to explain you this recipe in details. 

    Is mayonnaise bad for health?

    A few years before, shawarma made many controversies in Kerala, when some people expired after consuming it. I remember, this mayonnaise was later proved to be the culprit and they recommend to use shawarma during the same day of preparation. This is because mayo is made by emulsifying raw eggs and oil. As you know, raw eggs get contaminated very quickly and it acts as a bed for so many microbes. Consuming the previous days mayonnaise, means you are consuming these unwanted microbes generated within the mayo. That is why people experiencing vomiting and giddiness. So recommend to make small batches just enough to finish the same day you prepare.

    How to prepare a perfect mayonnaise? 

    Making mayonnaise is very easy when you became familiar with it tricks. We have to incorporate all the favorable conditions to emulsify the components. As I already told, two components which never mix together naturally, are forcefully combined to make this creamy cold dressing. The climatic conditions also affect the emulsification process. Cold climate alters the process of emulsification whereas the hot climate retard, so I strongly recommend the refrigeration of the ingredient for a few hours especially during summer season. You can use any odorless oil for this recipe, like sunflower oil , Olive oil, etc. For me, sunflower oil gives exactly same flavor.

    As I told, Mayonnaise is a dip made of oil and eggs.  Egg and oil, two different components which never mix together. To mix them, we need to apply some pressure, which we can easily do this with mixer grinder, hand blender or food processor. Today I am sharing the mixer grinder method, as this equipment will be easily available in each and every house.

     Mayo recipe | Mayonnaise recipe | How to make mayonnaise at home

    Cold dressing made with eggs and oil

    Preparation time: 5 minutes | Cooking time: Nil | Total time: 5 minutes


    • 1 egg
    • 3/4 - 1 cup oil
    • 2 to 3 garlic cloves, peeled
    • juice from quarter portion of a lemon 
    • a pinch of sugar 
    • Salt to taste

    How to make mayonnaise - Video

    Mayonnaise Recipe With Step By Step Photos

    1. To make the mayonnaise, take egg, sugar, salt and garlic in the chutney jar (small) of mixer grinder. Squeeze a few drops of lemon (or vinegar). Refrigerated eggs give better results, so recommend to refrigerating it for a few hours before use. You can also add pepper powder along with this. 
    2. Blend on slow speed till it mix together. After blending, the mix will be pale yellow in colour. At this stage, start adding the oil. Add only in small batches and blend in low speed for a few seconds. At first, add only quarter cup of sunflower oil. This recipe calls a total of 3/4 to 1 cup oil, but its exact amount depends on the volume of egg you use.
    3. After blending, you will get a nice and loose white mixture which requires more oil to get the exact thickness. So add more oil in one or two batches until you get a nice creamy mayonnaise.
    4. Finally, you will get a thick and creamy mayo as seen in the picture. No more oil should be added to this, as this will turn your mix loose, and you may need to add more eggs to it. So once you attain desired consistency, stop adding oil.
    5. You can use this as a dressing, or accompaniment for various veg and non-veg items.

    Happy Cooking

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