Ke Aval Milk | Malabar Aval Milkshake Recipe | How To Make Malabar Style Aval Milk At Home F

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Aval Milk | Malabar Aval Milkshake Recipe | How To Make Malabar Style Aval Milk At Home


Aval Milk

Aval Milk | Malabar Aval Milkshake Recipe with step by step photos and video. 

Aval milk is a delicious drink offered in the cool bars of Kerala's Northern region. Milk, banana, sugar and roasted nuts are used to make this popular Malabar drink. The process of making aval milk is really straightforward; today, we'll go through the aval milk recipe.

    What is an aval milk?

    An aval milk is a combination of milk, banana, sugar and roasted nuts. The name aval milk says that this drink is made with beaten rice flakes and milk. The rice flakes are called aval in Malayalam and poha in Hindi. 

    Avil milk, milk aval, avil milk, milk avil, mulapuram mittai are the other common names of this drink. A traditional aval milk is not as smooth as a milkshake, but it contains small bites of aval and nuts. But in some cool parlors, aval milk is shared in the form of smooth milkshakes, anyways, I will be sharing the traditional way of aval milk preparation today. If you don't like that version, you can grind all the ingredients till smooth and can serve. 

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    Aval Milk Ingredients

    1. Beaten rice flakes - The primary component of aval milk is beaten rice flakes, also known as aval or poha. It contributes to the drink's texture. It is advised to use thick variants of white coloured aval rather than thin rice flakes. the same aval that we used to make poha chivda last month.
    2. Milk - The only liquid component needed in the preparation of aval milk is milk, which can be either medium-thick or thin. Make sure the milk is boiled and cold before use. The aval will absorb moisture and soften when placed in hot milk, leaving the drink flavorless.
    3. Sugar - As a sweetener, sugar is used.
    4. Banana - Bananas are utilised as both a flavouring and a taste enhancer. Use palayankodan small bananas whenever possible.
    5. Tutti frutty - For garnish

    Aval milk - Expert's tips

    1. Use ripe and soft small banana for making aval milk. The unripe banana will leave a sour taste in the milk.
    2. Thick aval (beaten) rice flakes are best for this recipe. The thinner ones will turn soggy in short time and you will loose that bites in the milk.
    3. In an aval milk, the mashed banana, roasted rice flakes and nuts are layered in a tall glass which is then topped with chilled milk. If making the aval milk for kids, do use boiled milk. Boil and chill the milk in one day prior to preparation.
    4. You can also grind the ingredients in a mixer grinder and can serve as a smooth and chilled milkshake. Many Kid's won't be comfortable with the traditional aval milk, you can try this method.
    5. You can top the aval milk with one scoop of vanilla ice cream, if you prefer.



    Malabar Aval Milk

    Chilled milk with rice flakes and roasted nuts

    Preparation time: 5 minutes | Cooking time: 2 minutes | Total time: 7 minutes


    • 500 ml chilled milk
    • 2 banana, ripe and soft
    • 5 to 6 tablespoon sugar
    • 1 cup thick rice flakes (thick poha / aval)
    • 1 cup peanuts
    • 3 tablespoon Horlicks
    • Some tutti fruity for decoration


    1. As was said in the sections above, we need thick rice flakes to make aval milk. Use a medium-thick aval if you are adding ice cream.
      Malabar Aval Milk

    2. One thick-bottomed pan should first be heated over high heat. When the pan is hot, add the aval and cook it over a low flame until it becomes crisp and turns a light yellowish-white shade.
      Malabar Aval Milk

    3. Put the cooked rice flakes in a dry, clean bowl. Make sure it reaches room temperature. Press some rice flakes between your fingers to test their doneness; if they crumble readily, they are perfectly crisp.
      Malabar Aval Milk
    4. We can begin making the aval milk after the poha has reached room temperature.
      Malabar Aval Milk

    5.  Peel the skin off. Use a knife to cut the bananas into small pieces.
      Malabar Aval Milk

    6. As needed, add sugar. Nearly five tablespoons of sugar were used. You can change the sugar level to suit your taste.
      Malabar Aval Milk

    7. Using a rolling pin or a wooden spatula, mash the banana.
      Malabar Aval Milk

    8. We can produce aval milk now that all of the components are ready. The aval milk should be placed in a tall glass. 2 to 3 teaspoons of the banana and sugar mixture should be used to make the first layer of the malabar aval milk.
      Malabar Aval Milk

    9. Place one tablespoon of peanuts and two to three tablespoons of crispy rice flakes on top of the banana sugar layer.
      Malabar Aval Milk

    10. Pour cooled milk into the glass.
      Malabar Aval Milk

    11. Garnish with Horlicks, some more aval, nuts and tutti frutty. 
      Malabar Aval

    12. When you drink an aval milk, mix it first with a spoon.
      Malabar Aval Milk

    13.  Enjoy.
      Kerala Aval Milk

    Happy cooking


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